They Will Never Tear Us Aparty

“Let’s have people over,” I said. “It will be fun,” I said. So we headed into the holiday weekend with 2 other couples and their 4 combined children due to arrive at our house Monday afternoon for kids’ water fun plus grown-up drinks and burgers/dogs.
Flashback to a month/2 months/6 months ago: I am lamenting that I have an extreme lack of balance in my life. Even as an introvert when I do want to talk to someone, I often have a hard time finding someone to talk to. I’m the typical busy mom who “doesn’t have time for friends.” I guess that’s not true. I have a hard time finding time when I’m not responsible for my children or when they’re not under my direct care. Have you ever tried to have an adult conversation – logical or otherwise – in the presence of a 5 and 3 year old? Try this: try reciting the alphabet backwards to the tune of La Marseillaise while dodging poisonous blow darts being slung from above by possessed howler monkeys. Then try to remember your shopping list. That’s pretty much what it feels like.
Flash forward to the end of last week: I am feeling encouraged and invigorated by my blog pals. We’re crossing over into other social networks and even making direct contact via email. I’m simultaneously excited and energized yet also a bit sad that these people aren’t folks I can have a coffee or glass of wine with IRL.
Flash back to last August and our summer party: Which asshat thought it would be clever to have people over for an outside party in Louisiana in fucking AUGUST. Oh. Me. I’m the asshat. But despite being dripping with sweat – the kind that pools in the cups of your brassiere – it was good. It was a good thing to do.
Flash forward to this afternoon: it is the End of Days. We have 8 people due to arrive at 3:30. Felix spent a few hours puking in the night (bad hot dog) and has since had the back-door trots something fierce. His poor little butt is practically glowing it’s so chapped. When he sharts, which he’s been doing all day, he starts howling and doing the bow-legged cowboy walk. Meanwhile, Will is on call. 2 hours before our guests are scheduled to arrive, he gets a call. The zoo’s network is down. That’s a pretty big damn deal. He’s got to leave. Merde. I do my best to continue party prep, texting our guests to see if we can postpone an hour. Fortunately they are amenable and it’s not a problem. I hear thunder. Check the radar. We are under a severe weather alert. Fucksticks. Now I have to disassemble or move some of the stuff Will managed to do before he left. I’m dripping with sweat – the kind that collects in the cups of your brassiere. Who was the asshat who decided to have people over for an outside party in Louisiana at the end of May? Oh. Me. I’m the asshat.
Now: The get-together was awesome. The kids all got along. The adults all got along. Zero drama. As a matter of fact, I think everyone had a really good time.As tired as I am, it was worth it and dammit, we need to do this more often. We were a hit with the kids: the foam machine, inflatable pool, sprinklers, colored water balloons, bubble machine, and Popsicles. Poor Felix didn’t hang long but he was ok. He was content to stay in and watch McQueen. 

I didnt take a lot of pictures, but you get the idea.

I feel like Clark W. Griswold at the end of Christmas Vacation; I did it.


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9 Responses to They Will Never Tear Us Aparty

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m glad everything worked out, looks like a lot of fun! BG’s birthday party is in about 3 weeks, and I’m already freaking at the number of people I invited over, damn Facebook events making it easy for me to just click, click, click and add more people in.

    • larva225 says:

      I know! First it’s an awesome idea. Then it sucks. You have to CLEAN the uncleanable. The food, decorations. You swear you’ll never do anything so asinine again as low no as you live. Then you bask in the afterglow. Good luck. Eat your Wheaties!! 😁😁

  2. Merbear74 says:

    Looks like a nice time was had by the littles. (And adult drinks, extra bonus.)

  3. Having many people over give me anxiety. And when other people’s kids are added to the mix, even worse. Our house is often the epicenter of annoying kids.
    I’ve often fantasized about meeting other blogger friends IRL, but then we’d probably realize that we were all awkward introverts that wouldn’t have anything to say if we didn’t have our keyboards. Though that would be funny if we decided to get out our keyboards and start typing to each other.

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