Poor Some Sugar on Me

This cast thing….  I hate it.  My sweet daughter is handling it much better than I ever would have expected.  She’s staying mostly happy.  For now.She’s only complained a handful of times about it being hot, heavy, itchy, or how it keeps her from doing things with her favored hand.  She is lamenting about missing field trips to the water park or not being able to chill out in our inflatable pool.  She misses playing in the rain.  Whoever designed non-waterproof casts for children was surely a demon.

Oddly enough, Stella playing an out of tune ukelele left-handed sort of sounds like sitar music

I’m trying to be proactive.  I’ve ordered some Shrinky Dinks and other assorted craft kits to make staying indoors a bit more palatable.  I may take her to get a pedicure tomorrow.  Felix is going to be my problem.  He’s not hurt.  He wants to go outside.

We have a CT scan on Tuesday.  Maybe – just maybe – we can get out of this thing sooner.  Cross your fingers and toes and whatever else you have for us.  Oh, and feel free to send any indoor activity suggestions for a wounded kid.


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11 Responses to Poor Some Sugar on Me

  1. Cookie says:

    How long is the cast supposed to be on for?
    Our latest keep busy project is printing colouring sheets of the internet. They get so excited to be able to pick whatever they want and then run down to the printer to get them.

    • larva225 says:

      Unless the scan Tuesday says otherwise, she’ll be in the full cast until the 28th, and then reassessed. The next step would likely be a shorter cast for another few weeks and then finally a brace. I just want something cooler and waterproof so she can enjoy the summer. During the day down here, it really is too hot to do much unless water is involved.
      She’s also broken the arm on her favored side, so drawing and coloring are a drag. This whole damn thing is a drag!!

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    Have you seen rock bingo? Great for little geologists/scientists. My kids loved it.

  3. joey says:

    Paint glass jars, make some of those cheesy craft sets with the foam, play spa pedicure, string stale cereal for the birds, make granola bars, drop the kids off with family, make a pitcher of margaritas…

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