Hard Day’s Light

I always have a bit of a malaise this time of year.  This is my family’s summer hibernation season – the time of year when it is almost too hot to do much of anything, particularly when you don’t have a travel budget yet you have 2 very active children.  It’s hot.  It’s damn hot.  The past 2 days we’ve been under a heat advisory.  It seems like usually we don’t get those until July and/or August.  Having them now seems ominous.  We may be in for a bad summer.

This was taken at 9:30 yesterday morning.

See?  And ti got hotter still.  Today (Friday) is supposed to be worse.

My house is old.  I live in daily fear that our AC will crap out.  It runs for 14+  hours a day without shutting off and still can’t keep up.  By 5:00 PM yesterday, my house was 81 degrees.  It was 2:00 AM before it finally reached 72.  When I turn on my “cold water” tap, it’s almost scalding.  I have made tea with that water, it’s so hot.  I have to be careful my kids don’t get burnt when we’re running baths or washing their hands.

Stella likes the library.  The library doesn't really like Felix and his vocal renditions of Beethoven while running through the aisles.

Stella likes the library. The library doesn’t really like Felix and his vocal renditions of Beethoven while running through the aisles.

I do try to make the best of it.  I avoid Facebook and the pictures of everyone else’s fantastic journeys. ( I can’t lie – sometimes makes me a bit lot envious.)  I put our pop-up canopy  in the yard or driveway and set up the “water park” for the kids.  Popsicles are abundant.  I even bought a new larger inflatable pool for the kids this year, so we could chill in the yard in comfort and style.  We can’t use it right now.

The drug problem doesn't help. (That's powdered sugar)

The drug problem doesn’t help. (That’s powdered sugar)

He gets a little crazy.

He gets a little crazy.

It was confirmed by CT scan, BTW.  Stella does have a fracture and we’ll be in that f$*&#ing cast for at least another 11 days.

This, too, shall pass.  With any luck (har har), we’ll be back to normal on the 29th, or at least the  kids will be.  I’m a ninny, and have started the Whole 30 eating plan, so frosty gin and tonics or cabernets on ice (don’t judge) are out for another 25 days.  I probably should have done this in the spring or fall when I could send the kids outside to play without worry of heat cramps.

This weekend is covered.  I do have Shrinky Dinks (although we’ll have to bake them at 5:00 AM – that’s the only time it’s safe to run the oven without making the house even hotter).  Stella has a play date on Saturday, which means I can get Felix out in the sprinkler for a bit without roasting his sister’s right arm.  Sunday will be Father’s Day, and I think we’ll be going to Oui Oui’s for a bit.  Next weekend may be a bit more challenging.

How do y’all deal with extreme weather and forced inside Togetherness?

Reading is good....for a while.

Reading is good….for a while.


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10 Responses to Hard Day’s Light

  1. Merbear74 says:

    My condo is old and my AC did crap out. So we run tons of fans and lay around like lethargic sloths. We do have a pool here, though. My husband and I made it over for a short time last weekend.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Ugh, the heat. It hit the real feel of over 100 last month in May, so I think we’re in for a rough one, too. (Guess that makes sense with the very mild winter.) We’ve got a pool that we can get into if my husband ever finishes getting it ready, but we mostly try not to go outside between 1-5 because it’s so awful. Books, art, and TV it will be. Probably a heavy lean on the TV 😉

  3. Yeah, I hate this time of year too. Sometimes it gets all the way up to 80 and I can hardly stand to be outside.

  4. Cookie says:

    Having my AC crap out is my biggest fear. I hate the humid gross heat. 110? Just kill me instead.
    Strangely enough, we don’t have AC at our summer cottage, but with the breeze coming off the water, it rarely feels like we need it.
    So…..my advice, if your AC craps out? Move to the ocean.

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