Shake, Tattle, and Roll

We have entered the stage of The Informer (although dammit I hate to use a Cosby-ism at this point).  It’s not what you think necessarily.  Sure, I get the “Moooooo-oooom, Felix put his toes on me.”  Or the “Stella touched McQueeee-eeeeeen, Mama!  I gonna smash her!” 

Side note: how is it that whining/bratty children and southerners manage to insert extra syllables into the most basic words?  And yes, I  am likely guilty of this as well, although I like to think I only add 0.1-1 extra syllable, max.

No, my children – Felix in particular, are beginning to rat out their father for perceived infractions.  Yesterday when I got him home from school, Felix informed me, “Daddy put me in time out and it was loud and he was too fast.”  This translates into a familiar scene: Will getting irritated by something – often the chase-each-other-around-the-couch-acting-stupid game – donning the Voice of Dad, and ultimately cleaning house by sending each kid to their room for a while, often assisting lollygaggers by sweeping them up, striding purposefully to the destination, and depositing the offender on their bed.

I think it’s hilarious that I have my own rat squad or spy network.  Of course I know they’ll never rat me out because I’m always a perfect mother and never fuck up. 😉

Felix is already inventing his own spy gear.


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7 Responses to Shake, Tattle, and Roll

  1. Yeah, my kids are always ratting me out, whenever they get a chance. Even though I let them do stuff they normally don’t get to do when Mom is around. Traitors!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    LM’s favorite thing to snitch on us for is cursing. Uh, whatever, kid!

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