Fine and Candy

Right now I heart Candy Crush.  It’s not what you think.  Sure, I’ve played it and subsequently deleted it once I recognized how much time I was urinating away on such a time sink (only to replace it with other equally inane time sinks on my phone).  Yesterday, however, Candy Crush kind of saved my ass.

It was an unusually busy Tuesday.  First up, we took the foam machine to Felix’s playschool.  It was a huge hit – much better-received than last year.  They split the kiddos up into 2 groups by relative age.  Last year, the littlest ones mainly screamed in horror.  This year, everyone seemed into it.  Even Felix touched some bubbles.  That’s progress, folks.

Felix actually TOUCHING BUBBLES.

Felix actually TOUCHING BUBBLES.

We let Stella play as who the hell cared if the cast got wet at this point?

We let Stella play as who the hell cared if the cast got wet at this point?

After that wrapped up, and Felix was safely left in their care, Stella and I peeled off to prepare for the rest  of our day: a quick run to the library followed by not one but two doctors’ appointments.  First off, we had to see her regular doctor about her ADHD meds.  They needed to check her BP and weigh her.  Of course that weight was going to be extra-meaningful with a ginormous cast on her arm, but hey, who’s really counting?  All was well, we got our meds and don’t have to go back for three whole months.  Geez, this merde is a racket.

After, we had to go straight to the pharmacy, as we were totally out of said medication.  Fortunately it was thundering and lightning – special weather advisory and everything  – so it was an interesting trip.  Despite nearly being fried, we got what we needed.  This was a big relief to me, as her camp group is going on a rather prolonged and ill-advised field trip today, and I’ll be a nervous wreck even with her being on medication.

Stella was nothing but stylish while awaiting the filling of her prescription.  I was just along for the ride.

Stella was nothing but stylish while awaiting the filling of her prescription. I was just along for the ride.

Our second appointment was the long-awaited liberation from the cast.  Y’all, it was like someone cracking open a reeeeeeeeallly big crab leg.  And yeah, it was kind of stinky. I guess 3 weeks’ worth of summer sweat trapped in a plaster-coated wad of rags will do that.  After a brief moment of glee, Stella started howling.  She said it hurt.  She howled through about 12 X-rays.  She howled as we sat waiting to see the doctor for about another hour while playing on her phone (after the waiting we had already endured).  She howled so much that the doctor couldn’t actually speak to me in any coherent fashion; he vacated the room, leaving the nurse to try to communicate what was happening.

In short, my poor girl had not 1 but 2 fractures – one in/around her elbow and one in her wrist.  The good news was that they were small and it looks like they healed well.  Furthermore, she was not put back in a giant cast.  They gave us a removable brace so at least now she can bathe and get in pools/sprinklers.  Once she calmed down, the doctor came back and basically said that based on the X-rays, she was probably ok – just stiff – but was more afraid of potential pain than what was actually being experienced.  He predicts that within a couple of days of this brace, she’ll “forget” about it and all will be well.  I hope so.  She was all smiles on the way home TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER, proclaiming it the “best day ever.”  Whatever, SpongeBob.

In any event, I don’t know what we would have done yesterday without ye olde Candy Crush.  There were loads of waiting rooms and all of the associated waiting that goes with them.  I’m not sure that Fruit Ninja would have been enough.


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10 Responses to Fine and Candy

  1. joey says:

    Heh. Good for Candy Crush, not so good for Stella. I trust she’s better today? I’ve actually heard of this before, they take the cast off, and the joints are so stiff…sounds owie to me, and I have arthritis!

    • larva225 says:

      I barely saw her this morning, so her status remains to be see ( I leave for work stupid-early -6:15). But she was all laughs before bed last night. She’ll get the brace off this evening for her first major bath since, and I think she’ll be awesome.

  2. Cookie says:

    Wait. You have your own foam machine? However do you acquire one of those things?

  3. desleyjane says:

    Such a good post. Entertaining even though I shouldn’t be entertained by such a painful process. Your writing is a lot of fun. And your kids are gorgeous. Love that “touching the bubbles” shot. So glad your daughter has a removable brace now. I had one for about 6 months for a repetitive strain injury and that was bad enough. I’ve never had an actual cast so I can’t imagine how hard it was for her. And consequently for you. Great post.

  4. Anxious Mom says:

    So glad she got the cast off, hope it’s feeling better today. And, yay, water!

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