Slam on Rye

There have been lots of slamming doors lately in my house.  I’m not sure why.  Usually, the young slammer is not angry.  I guess they’re just feeling emphatic.

I could have also named this post Ham on Why.  I’ve had a lot of random questions lately.  Why does my daughter believe that she can clean her bathroom mirror with toothpaste?  It is not effective.IMG_8644

Can I really walk my ass off playing Pokemon Go?  Stay tuned for that.  In all seriousness, I’ve been walking at least a mile and a half every day playing this stupid game.  We’ve been dragging our children all over tarnation, usually employing some subterfuge such as “We’re going to the museum but we need to stop in the middle of the sidewalk here in the scorching heat to…. rest.  Yeah, that’s it.  We’re resting.”  We also found a location with lots of Pokestops that conveniently has fountains for the kids to play in.  We’ll be there for the rest of the summer.IMG_8645

Is my son the funniest kid ever, or are all kids this inventive?  In addition to the machines and traps of all shapes and sizes, his latest routine involves “whistling.”  By whistling I mean making a shrill hooting sound and sustaining it for long periods of time.  He does this when he’s “angwy and fwustwated.”  It seems we’ve watched too many Bugs Bunny cartoons, with the angry steaming ears imagery.  yosemitesam

His "Christmas Machine"

His “Christmas Machine”

Why is my daughter suddenly very interested in making books about her favorite stuffed animal, Sweet Kitty, crying?  Sweet Kitty cries about all kinds of stuff: getting chased, getting scratched, popping balloons.  All incidents are accompanied by cute illustrations of a weeping kitty.  Should I worry about this, or is this a passing emo-kitty phase?

There’s more but I’ll wrap this up now.  I don’t have a point, but felt like I should stay in touch.  Work sucks.  I’m largely avoiding social media because of all the hateful crap out there.  There’s just a lot of hate.  People hate Trump.  People hate Hillary.  People hate cops.  People hate vegans.  People hate gluten.  I’m hating on the hate.  IMG_8643

Stay cool out there.

Will is not too cool for a tiara.

Will is not too cool for a tiara.



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4 Responses to Slam on Rye

  1. joey says:

    Emo Kitty has never left us in spirit. Bonus: creativity loves an emo kitty.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Your kids are so creative! I found a spot the other day that had 3 Pokestops, was there for 2 hours and racked up on some balls.

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