Quench Your First

I’ve been a crummy blogger lately. Truth be known, I’ve been in a slump.  

I’ve been largely avoiding social media lately.  I have visceral hatred for the politics shit, and it has saturated the world and the Facebook.  I don’t care which side it emanates from – I don’t read it.  I don’t want to see it. I don’t want to laugh at it.  None of it is funny, even the bits that are illustrating how unsuitable so-and-so is for office. It’s depressing.  But since you can’t drive to the Circle K for a roll of toilet paper without seeing at least 2 dozen nasty stickers or yard signs (Now y’all know I order my TP from Amazon), it’s hard to avoid.  

Social media also shows how much fun everyone is having on vacation – the beautiful scenery they’re enjoying.  I just can’t deal with that.  Maybe I’m a jealous bitch.  Sour grapes and all.  More like hot melted grapes.  I’m tired of the hot.  I’m tired of sweating.  This part happens to me every summer.  You’d think I would have found a better coping mechanism.  It’s not the world’s fault we don’t have a huge travel budget, and that the trips we do get to take aren’t until fall or winter.

In any case, since the vast majority of my social contacts are virtual, I suppose backing off from social media makes me feel even more isolated and down in the dumps.

I need some kind of breath of fresh air, y’all.  I need some magic.  Some glitter.

I did have a really neat thing happen last Friday.  My sister-in-law sent us a Blue Apron box.  Have y’all tried that?  Coolest thing ever.  They send you this lovely box with every ingredient required to make really beautiful and interesting food -no meatloaf here.  We may actually subscribe after what we saw.  I don’t mind cooking, but meal planning pisses me off and makes me want to hit the Golden Arches every day just so I don’t have to think about it.  This would help immensely.

Stella did have an overnight visit to Oui Oui’s the other day.  Do y’all have any idea at all how much quieter it is with only one kid in the house?!  Holy moly.  

Felix made the most of his temporary only child status by continuing to set more booby traps such as this one, stretching between the fridge and pantry.

And today.  Today my daughter went to first grade.  How in the hell that happened, I have no idea.  But first I had to wake her up.  She was still asleep at 7 AM.  First time ever.  For nearly 6 f’ing years this little girl (along with her brother) have had my ass up at least an hour before sunrise.  You’d think I would have been chortling like a villain, but I felt bad.  Then I cried a bit while packing up her stuff because first grade?!  So yeah, I’m a bit nutty.


The early morning rush was finished with a rather spectacular nosebleed thanks to Felix.  We’re talking spatter on the floor and counter.  Let’s hope that’s all the blood that’s spilled today, literal or otherwise.

Fuck it.  I may get a pedicure.  I’ll look for something with glitter in it.


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3 Responses to Quench Your First

  1. Cookie says:

    I took Destroyer for a pedicure yesterday. It does wonders for the soul.

  2. joey says:

    I want a pedicure too.

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    I hope Stella’s first day went well. I’m sure she’ll revert to being up before daylight on the weekend. Then switch again.

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