Joy Meets World

There is an odd stillness around my house.  It’s becoming really hard to remember what day it is anymore without the usual touchstones of work and school.  There has been a lot of togetherness and squabbling among everyone, even the cats.  One of those assholes has been really aggressive with the emotional peeing.  I’m tempted to send him down to observe the ongoing flooding.  I kind of can’t take it anymore.
Then comes the guilt.  You feel guilty for bitching about being bored and frustrated.  Tens of thousands would love to be bored and frustrated.  And those numbers of non-bored people are growing daily as the flooding oozes south.

A graphic I found on Facebook that really illustrates what’s been happening. This was a “1,00 year rain event.”. It has never happened in recorded history in this area. This is also why so many did not have flood insurance; it was not required based on mere “100 year flood” estimates.

And despite the beautiful generosity that becomes evident during these things, the assholery begins.  My parish now has a curfew because of looting.  Looting.  Some assholes are going into flooded-out homes and businesses and further violating the owners. (Is it evil to hope that those shitheads drown?). Other assholes are a bit more subtle, showing up at shelters and supply hubs, taking things, then trying to resell them for profit.  Then there are the sanctimonious verbal assholes, sitting in their armchair somewhere in Amerrrrrrrrrica, talking about how obviously we’re all stupid and deserve this for obviously building in flood zones and swamps.  Because obviously all of Louisiana is a swamp and by default a flood zone.  Obviously. 

Another magnificent Facebook graphic, honoring all the regular Joes (or Boudreauxs) who have jumped in their own boats to help their communities.

All that aside, I do want to share something wonderful.  Three ladies at Felix’s school lost everything in this mess.  Everything. The rest of the staff and the parents are trying to help them.  I put a shout out on my Facebook, asking for donations so I could get each of them a Walmart or Visa gift card.  I was almost immediately contacted by two wonderful ladies, asking if they could contribute.  One of them is a crafty SAHM to 2 gorgeous kiddos in Colorado, the other is a fantastic artist and mom to a beautiful girl in Alaska.  Y’all, I have never physically met these women.  I know them from blogging.  And they wanted to help.  That is a magnificent thing.  So did many of my family members, whom I have obviously met, but still want to help total strangers.  I am so grateful. 
It is important to focus on the beauty in the world, especially when things are less than beautiful. I will forever remember my two blog friends wanting to help total strangers via a person they’ve never physically met.  The asshats looting and scamming and running their hateful, destructive mouths will be forgotten. 

I close with a video of my ridiculous children head banging (and squabbling) to Ode to Joy yesterday.  Joy, indeed.


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3 Responses to Joy Meets World

  1. joey says:

    I tell you what, years ago I had a terrible online argument with a FB friend. It was terrible because he’s a man I respect greatly and I hated arguing with him, but I couldn’t just idly sit by and let him ram his ignorance down my throat. There are MANY MANY, literally dozens, of American cities built at or below sea level.
    When your house is destroyed in a flood, the insurance company, should they cover it, does not offer to rebuild your home some other place! I cannot stand blaming the victim. Just cannot stand it.
    Of course, when the hurricane hit the east coast, I didn’t see a peep about “Why do those people stay?”

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