I Herd It Through the Grapevine

What is that saying about how you can only eat an elephant by taking one bite at a time?  Louisiana has been overrun by elephants – whole herds of them.  We need forks.

Felix building an elephant trap

I know y’all are all probably sick of hearing about the flooding.  But this thing is huge.  It seems to get bigger every day, as people finally jump in and try to salvage what they can.  Piles of debris – couches, mattresses, sheetrock, toys- are mounding up along curbs.  In some cases the debris is so high you can barely see the houses.  I remember as a kid living in Pennsylvania we would occasionally have snowstorms so intense that once the plows came through, the houses seemed to disappear behind mountains of snow.  No one will ever look nostalgically back on this.

There is so much sadness, so much need.  Lists are popping up everywhere – things to donate, ways to help.  I’ve received them from my kids’ schools, my office, Will’s office.  I cried opening the list from Stella’s school last night. The list was huge – book bags for girls, boys socks sized 2-3 T, bras sized 36B.  The bras tore me up for some reason.  Imagine having everything wiped out and having to share those kinds of details to strangers because you have no choice.  And the book bags, ruined after only being used for 2 days of school.  And this has happened – is happening – to thousands of people.

I want to help everyone but I don’t have enough.  Every time I open Facebook someone is asking for help pulling up carpets or moving heavy waterlogged furniture.  Will wants to go help someone – anyone- later today.  I’ve reached out to a complete stranger I saw on Facebook who has started to organize a laundry brigade.  I may be stuck at home with kids but I can wash and fold some clothes.  I hope he contacts me back.

So keep us all in your thoughts.  This isn’t going away any time soon.  And if you see any elephants, feel free to shoot them on sight.

Not an elephant exactly, but it’s not every day you see a life-sizes balloon rhino


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6 Responses to I Herd It Through the Grapevine

  1. joey says:

    I donated to the Red Cross, but I tell ya, it’d be more helpful to do some wash, good on you. I hope you get to help.
    My kids had such a case of rotavirus once, my husband’s cousin came and took loads of soiled linens to her house and washed them for me. I’ll never forget that.
    Course, she also came to help me pull the carpet up when the basement flooded…
    She’s good people.

  2. Meg C. DeBoe says:

    You rock! And keep up the updates! You’re our lifeline to the real story down there.

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