Chip Off the Old Rock

I graduated with my geology degree in 1998 from the University of South Alabama.  My degree took a while, mainly because I changed majors very late in the game to geology from special education.  A hell of a departure, no?

I loved college.  Sure, there was stress and drama from time to time, but as with so many majors, I developed a camaraderie with my fellow students, bonding over projects that seemed like hell itself at the time.  Crystallography was obnoxious.  We spent hours and hours, often late into the night, studying blocks.  My son would love it.  One of my best friends from school and I bonded while trying to find a good place to pee in the woods while on a field trip studying an outcrop in the middle of nowhere.  Good times.

I’ve stayed in contact with one of my former professors and friends and follow the geology club on Facebook.  I pass on job information when I hear of something, and once talked to some of the majors about being an environmental regulator.  

These wonderful people heard about the flood and the schools that got hit. They have reached out far and wide to geologists all over the place, gathering rocks and minerals to make up kits to send over.  Many of the professors are also offering extra credit to students that pick up school supplies to send to the kids that got theirs wiped out.  This warms my heart, this generosity from a population notorious for their lack of means.

I’m so proud to have graduated from such a wonderful, supportive place.  This is also a fantastic illustration of innovative ways to help flood victims.  Thank you!


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