Every Once in a Pile

I’m blogging with you today from my car, drinking an ill-gotten cup of iced coffee.  I reached one of those moments as a mother whereby I realized if I didn’t get out of the house for a few minutes, shit might get ugly.  Don’t get me wrong: my people weren’t doing anything unusually  obnoxious. It’s only that as an introvert and after three straight days of togetherness, I just can’t take any more.

 The noise. The noise gets to me. I reach a saturation point where it simply becomes impossible for me to put together a complete sentence. It must be something like what it would be like to have ADHD.

I’ve been wanting to blog very badly. Not because I had anything particularly meaningful to say, it’s just that this tends to be a release valve for me.  I did try yesterday to sneak off to my bedroom to write down a few things. Within about 45 seconds, I had every member of my family in there with me and at one point piled on top of me. I began screaming that I was claustrophobic and they were trying to kill me.

It actually has not been a bad weekend. Will and I even did something yesterday that we’ve never done before-we hired a babysitter. I know that sounds insane given that Stella is about to turn six years old. I suppose we’ve been relying on my in-laws too much. The reality is that they have many other things that they put their time and energy into and my kids take a lot of energy.  Trust me, I know. But Will and I are pretty desperate for a sense of balance. Like so many other couples, we only see each other at the end of the day when only the dregs of us are left over after work and watching kids. 

So yesterday our very first babysitter arrived at our house. I think it went OK. Will and I went out for a cocktail and saw Suicide Squad.  No one was crying and screaming when we returned home a few hours later. I think we will have to do that again.

Cocktails and Pokemon is a serious combination!

As for everything else, Stella finally goes back to school tomorrow. Work will resume for me tomorrow without having to worry about where Stella is that particular day/week.  I am so ready to get back into some kind of normal routine. 

But that brings me to all the other stuff that’s on my mind and the minds of everyone else down here. Things are not normal, and they won’t be for a long time.

My sweet mother recently sent me some money and demanded that I go get a pedicure. I think she realized that I was feeling pretty burned out and needed to do something nice for myself. While I was there, the two Vietnamese ladies that were working on me indicated that they had lost everything in the flooding. I ended up tipping them the same value of the service. I went back the next day and gave each of them a $50 gift card.  Yesterday, I took Felix for a quick and cheap haircut. The lady cutting his hair had 4 1/2 feet of water in her house. She also got a big fat tip.

You simply cannot get away from this thing. And again, I’m one of the lucky ones. But it is hard to see everyone in your community suffering so greatly. I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but if anyone out there is capable of helping in some capacity, please consider doing so.

And with that, I’m going to close. I’m going to sit here in my car and sip my iced coffee for a few moments, enjoying blessed blessed silence. Have a wonderful week. 


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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5 Responses to Every Once in a Pile

  1. Erika says:

    I’m glad you guys were able to go on a date and get a bit of a break. (What’d you think about Suicide Squad?) I hope the week goes well as far as getting back on schedule goes.

    • larva225 says:

      Thank you!! I was ok with the movie. I supposed my expectations weren’t necessarily that high so it would’ve been hard to disappoint. I would LOVE to see more Jared Leto as the Joker. He was excellent!

  2. joey says:

    Again, glad you’re in a position to be lucky AND to help others.
    I definitely think whenever you can sneak in a date night, it’s a good thing. I turn off mommy mode at 9pm like clockwork, and I don’t even apologize anymore. lol I’m usually about a sentence away from shouting, “Shut up and go to bed!” Old habits die hard and stuff.

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