Sock and Awe (Or Do You Siege What I Siege?)

I thought I would provide a follow-up to the sock situation at my house, since many of you seemed interested.  As you may recall, my husband and I have a thing brewing (  One of the battles in this thing involved Will’s mother and grandmother coming to the house, finding a pair of his socks sticking out from under the ottoman, and placing them on the end table where I happened to find them and kick them right back where they started.

Both ladies happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped in for a quick visit a couple of nights ago.  I suppose maybe his grandmother reads my silliness from time to time or just got it from the previous visit. Either way, she elbowed me and pointed to the now-larger pile of socks under the ottoman and began giggling.

Will asked what was going on and a discussion began between Will, his mother, and grandmother about the sock lunacy.  Will picked up one side of the ottoman and asked my sweet little boy to fetch his socks.  Felix obliged.  Will then tried to get Felix to take the socks to the dirty clothes, at which point (without nudging from me) Felix dumped the pile in his father’s lap.  Will picked up the socks and threw them over his shoulder and onto the floor behind the couch.

When I eventually got up, I kicked every single one of those damn socks back under the couch.  This is war, and I’m settling in for a siege.


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