Win in Rome…

Is there ever a point in your parental life when you pick your kids up from school and you actually find out what the hell happened that day?  I hope so, because I’m not there yet.

Felix will usually tell me some things about his day, but it tends to be a melange of reality and Teen Titans Go.  I get angry stories  told in his hissing voice about bad boys and jail and stuff like that.  I don’t know.  Whatever.  He’ll tell me that he played with PJ or Hatch.  I can tell what he had for lunch based on food stains, and I can sometimes tell if he did art.  He usually doesn’t, as he’d rather build shit out of the art supplies vs actually draw or paint with them.

Stella is her own special enigma.  I ask loads of questions:  Who did you play with today?  What did you do? Did anyone make you laugh?  Did you have to run laps today?  Was it an A day?  I  get some information.  Sometimes she’ll tell me she played with so-and-so and sometimes she’ll say she just hung out by  herself because she wanted some quiet.  She is pretty good about telling me how many laps she had to run – which I appreciate, by the way, as this means her awesome teacher recognizes that taking recess time away from kids is bullshit.  She’s usually totally aware of whether it was an A day or not.  But what I think is the easiest question, “what did you do today,” is the most vexing.  More often than not she answers “I don’t know.”

What the hell?  Did the bodysnatchers get her?  How can she not remember ANYTHING about her activities?  Did she sing?  Did she draw?  Did she play on computers?   Sometimes the contents of her book-bag give me hints – worksheets and the like.  Yesterday I got a surprise.

As I mentioned before, it’s been Wildlife Warrior Week at her school.  There was a free dress day if you made a small donation, plus games, the mask contest, and a “trading post,” whereby you could send your kid to school with a few bucks and they could buy cheap crap.  The winner(s) of the mask contest were supposed to win trading post gift certificates.  Well, when I didn’t see anything come home Wednesday night after the supposed contest judging (and I’ll admit, I was pretty bummed Zsa Zsa Gator didn’t win something), I went ahead and put $4 in an envelope in her binder for school.

When I picked her up, she was all smiles, and had a huge bag of loot.  There were 2 small stuffed animals, a plastic necklace, stickers….  Way more than my measly $4 would have bought, even in the genre of cheap plastic crap.  I asked her “Did the mask win?!”  She replied she didn’t know.  That she had lost her money and someone gave her money.  What?  They called her name and someone gave her $10 to spend.  When we got home I checked her binder.  Her/my $4 was still there.

I can only surmise that we did win.  Hot damn.  But don’t you think that’s the kind of thing a kid would want to tell their parents about?!

This also doesn’t do much for my state of mind. I don’t think I should’ve ever mentioned out loud that I wanted to quit work and become a PTA mom. I’ve tasted blood.   I could be making all kinds of winning things but no…..  I have to got to stupid work.

Y’all have a good weekend.  We’re finally out to have some Halloween fun!

Vexing little creeps.

Vexing little creeps.


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5 Responses to Win in Rome…

  1. joey says:

    My girls are like blabbermouths when I get home. I usually listen to both trying to out-talk the other at the same time while I change clothes, start dinner, and settle in. They follow me from room to room telling me all the things. They have always been like this, their older sister was too. The boy one, he never was like that. We used to play Hi Lo at the dinner table every night just so he’d have to tell us two whole things. lol

  2. Cookie says:

    Destroyer doesn’t tell me shit either, unless it’s about the school bus. If she had someone to sit with, it was a great day, if she sits alone, the HORROR.

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    It’s hard to get details out of Little Man, too, unless he feels that someone wronged him in some way. In which case, he’ll go on and on and on. The best way to get him talking is to sit down while he’s playing with cars or something and play alongside and ask about his day then. He apparently has no idea what happened until he’s kinda distracted by something else. Dunno if that’s an ADHD thing or just the case with every kid!

    Good for Stella! LM placed in a science project last year, but thought it was just for his class, didn’t realize it was with the entire school until he got a gift card and I saw the picture in the yearbook.

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