Like Putting the Art Before the Horse

In keeping with my vow to attempt to be positive and upbeat, I bring you a stellar piece of Stella art.  Behold: Portait of Mommy and Daddy.

Apparently Will is very short.  And bald.  And has feet like the Penguin.   And doesn’t wear pants. And I’m slender with a tiny ass.  This is totally going to live at my office.  Maybe even in a frame.

So yeah. That makes up for going 3 days with a car that’s not running. It’s nothing major – hopefully just a battery.  But considering it’s not even a year old and is under warranty, it’s been worth waiting  until one of us could make it to Walmart.  And geez…. people talk about “banker’s hours.”  I’ll take Walmart automotive hours.  Closing at 4:00?  Really?

On that note, I’ve had to be mom/wife taxi, meaning I’ve had to be late to work.  Driving a different way and time yesterday, I was treated to the sight of some dude pissing on a house.  It was odd, as this is a really busy street and he was bloody close to the edge of it – no attempt to hide.  And he looked “normal,” not like a homeless person or like he was strung out on something.  When you gotta go….

Speaking of, try to have a good day, y’all.  Don’t pee anywhere you shouldn’t.   And be nice, OK?


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Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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4 Responses to Like Putting the Art Before the Horse

  1. joey says:

    Oh my.
    That picture is beyond incredible. I LOVE IT!
    I am awed by the number of offices I call in the afternoon, only to find out they’re closed for 90 minutes at lunch and close at 4. Several places have vm set up to tell me that calls received after 3 or 3:30 will not be handled until the following business day.
    Banker’s hours used to be open 9-3 and 9-6 on Friday. Early arrival and late stays when the bank was closed set us up for 40 hours. Lunch was 30 minutes paid, too.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Mommy’s a working girl! 😀 I remember a picture LM drew for me once, he gave me ridiculously huge breasts. It was my profile pic for a while on FB.

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