As Fudd As It Gets

My son has given me a speech impediment.

It started while at the beach.  Will had brought his bike along, since the place we stayed had great bike trails.  Since my car doesn’t have a bike rack, it got strapped to the roof of the SUV.  He used ratchet straps.  Felix Precioused a ratchet for several days, somehow miraculously not pinching a finger off.  All the while, he chattered on and on and on about his “watchet stwap.”  Since arriving home, I’ve had to convince him not to take his watchet stwap wherever he goes (because of course they’re still floating around the floorboards of my car).  I have found that I’m unable to say the words correctly.  “No, Felix.  Your watchet stwap has to stay in the car.  They don’t need it at school.”

The Dude along with his other beach precious: Used Coffee Cup With Rocks, Shells, and Coins.

The Dude along with his other beach precious: Used Coffee Cup With Rocks, Shells, and Coins.

To make matters worse, Stella has a book on weather floating around in the car.  While sitting in traffic, she and Felix look through it and discuss types of storms and clouds.  Yesterday Felix started hollering about all the “stwatus clouds” out there.  But they weren’t.  While correcting him, I incorrectly pronounced stratus.

I’ve turned into a cartoon character.


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5 Responses to As Fudd As It Gets

  1. w1nt3l says:

    For several months I couldn’t say polka dots any other way than “poka bots” around the time my daughter was two-ish. It’s funny how we just say things like the way our kids say them. Lord help me if I start saying “Yeaahhhh, MIC DROP ” whenever I may or may not win an argument or even a regular conversation; there is no difference with my daughter, lol

  2. joey says:

    Oh I think it’s FUN, and I shall never give up the adorable speech of children 😛 Of course, you don’t wanna take it to work or whatever, but among friends, I love it!

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