Tooth, Justice, and the American Way

After a false alarm last year, it’s finally happening: my daughter has a legit loose tooth.  She is beyond excited.  Well, she is now, after we convinced her that it wouldn’t hurt or bleed much if at all.  And now the Tooth Fairy scheming has begun.

Stella seems to think the TF is going to leave her $100.  For real.  She desperately wants a realistic rubber water-safe mermaid tail she saw on TV somewhere.  They’re $100.  I think $100 is a bit steep for a mermaid tail that A) will only be worn for one summer due to the fact that kids grow and stuff, and B) is obviously designed to ensure lots of near-death experiences due to drowning.  So my girl may be a tad disappointed.  TF doesn’t have that kind of bank, and her mother is biding her time, hoping the soon-to-be-gap-toothed princess finds another passion.

Maybe one of the last pictures taken with all her baby teeth.

Maybe one of the last pictures taken with all her baby teeth.

In the meantime, if I can find something new to worry obsess about, it’s a good day.  Enter Tooth Fairy-dom.  For starters, what genius decided it was a good idea to put tiny teeth under pillows?  You’re asking for missing cuspids, if you ask me.  Secondly, those pillows?  They support the heads of sleeping children – children that are already sleeping fitfully due to Tooth Fairy mania.  You might as well be playing golf with a grenade.

I’m not having it.  Nope, not at all.

I made a Tooth Fairy “mailbox” out of a small wooden cigar box.  It’s not quite as cute as I’d envisioned, but it will do the trick.  Once the appointed tooth falls out, Stella can put it in the “mail,” and the TF will respond in kind.  Best of all, the “mailbox” can be placed in the living room, far from sleeping children.





I like it.  Parenting win!

Oh yeah, and how much did/do y’all give for teeth?  The Tooth Fairy wants to know.


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10 Responses to Tooth, Justice, and the American Way

  1. I used to get $1, so we went with $2 … on account of inflation and all. 🙂

  2. w1nt3l says:

    The TF gave our daughter $5 for the first tooth lost. Now the TF just drops by when other teeth are lost and brings her a Target gift card of the same denomination to purchase what her heart desires.

    $100 is steep, the TF was hit hard by the financial crisis and almost lost her magical kingdom, but has since adopted an agile and lean methodology to invest in her infrastructure instead of bank rolling the loss of children’s teeth.

  3. joey says:

    Freakin brilliant! Where were you when I had little ones?!?
    I gave $2-5 in bills or shiny $1 coins for good teeth and a quarter for ones with fillings.

  4. Anxious Mom says:

    Cute! Have you see the knit mermaid tail blankets on sale on Amazon? Something like $20-$25, very cute (thinking more along the lines of Christmas than Tooth Fairy lol).

    It really depends on what we have. The first time we did $10. We were so excited, first born and all that, shouldn’t have set the bar so high. Next time we got some of those Sacajawea dollars and put a couple under his pillow — he thought he was rich, so that’s a good way to go, too.

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