Press Your %uck

Remember a while back when Stella discovered the F word?  Well, all has been right with the world since then.  Until yesterday morning.

No, not THAT.

No, not THAT.

I really really really thought we were out of the woods with this, y’all, at least for a while.  It was morning, a telecommute morning for me, meaning I was home throwing breakfast together before the kids and their father departed.  The kids were playing “music,” which consists of dragging out every musical toy in the house, assembling it in the living room, and then fighting over who is playing the piano vs the ukulele vs trumpet vs the drum vs the broken toy violin.

As I buttered the toast, I thought I heard that word again.

“My ukulele string is fucked up.”

Yeah, Stella.  That kind of language WILL make your hair stand on end.

Yeah, Stella. That kind of language WILL make your hair stand on end.

My head spun around like Linda Blair’s.  “What did you say?


Tell me what you said.” (Note: the bold-faced font here = my mom voice)

“I said my ukulele string is fucked up.  Look at it.”

Felix's mouth is dirty for other reasons.

Felix’s mouth is dirty for other reasons.

You must NOT use that word.  Do you understand me?  That is a grown-up word.  Only grown-ups can use it.  If you get caught saying that at school, you will be sent to the principal’s office and be in BIG TROUBLE.

“But my ukulele string IS fucked up.  Look at it.”

Dammit.  Dammit.  Dammit.

Y’all know I’m not a prude, and yes, I do occasionally dabble in four letter words.  Sometimes I do feel they are necessary.  And yes, I know LOTS of other words.  It’s just that sometimes the four letter varieties express things in ways that more mundane words cannot.  So I’m not offended, per se.  It’s more guilt and shame.  I do try to mind myself around my kids.  But slips happen.  Andholycrapwhatifherteacherhearsthis?  I’ll be labeled the potty-mouth mom.

(Is it ok that part of me is secretly impressed that she used the f word correctly?  The first incident involved the f word as a noun.  This time, she transitioned it to an adjective.  A true language master, my daughter.)

Where’s the Lifebuoy? ralphie-christmas-story-soap


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8 Responses to Press Your %uck

  1. Merbear74 says:

    She did have a point. LOL
    Just keep telling her that “fuck” is a word she can use when she’s 18, if she’s good and always brushes her teeth.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Now I’m laughing again over “ponytailed fucker” and her fucked-up ukulele. But, yeah, gotta give her some credit for using it right. That way some other kid doesn’t go home to his parents complaining about her misusing it at recess like mine did (luckily LM didn’t correct the kid, just acted appalled at his ignorance).

  3. w1nt3l says:

    I certainly won’t endorse the use of the F word by anyone under the age of at least 16, however in this case, it was humorous. My daughter has said that word a few times no doubt because of my choice of music selection and of course, my IT-trained mastery of all words expletive. She knows its a bad word, and hasn’t used it since her last punishment for it’s use at Target at a woman that touched her hair, the ever popular “WTF?” response.

    Now, a side comment, please tell me that isn’t your “work from home” desk? The clutter, it gives me anxiety, lol. I do appreciate the leg lamp, I asked for a full size one for Christmas……5 years in a row….. still waiting.

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