And Now Award From Our Sponsors

I’m about to commit a mortal parental sin.  I’m going to brag.  You see, I’ve just returned from attending my first ever honor roll assembly for my daughter.  I know it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things.  It has nothing to do with the price of milk on Tuesdays, or who is going to the Superbowl this year, or when the next Beyoncé album will be released.  Shoot, in another year or so, I’ll no doubt be so over this kind of thing that I’ll force my husband to rochambeau for who has to go and sit through another one of these damn assemblies.  But not today.

Today feels like a huge victory.  Remember how we were tortured last year by one of the most vile, evil kindergarten teachers in America?  Remember how she insinuated that although my daughter read at an “inappropriately high level,” she actually didn’t comprehend anything?  Remember all the damn meetings I had to go to, feeling beaten, defensive, and oh so worried about my kid – that she was being bullied (and not just by the kids), that she would end up hating school, that she was trapped day in and day out with a woman who “never smiled” at her?  Remember the bewilderment of figuring out what the hell a 504 Plan was – a nebulous version of an IEP that doesn’t seem to do much at all other than keep them from kicking your kid out of class for “regular” offenses?  Remember my 4″ binder I kept, with every scrap of note, email, phone record, doctor’s record, journal article, and massive spreadsheet and trend graph based on the daily dots from the behavior chart – all ready to use as evidence if they tried to run my kid out of school?  Today, those are just really bad memories.

Today my kid looked radiant.  She was beaming, proud.  She was calm.  She felt wonderful about herself.  Best of all, the Harpy was also in attendance.  I didn’t look at her other than when she handed out the “hands and heart” award for her class.  I don’t think she’s qualified.  That woman has no heart.

I used to roll my eyes at those “my kid is an honor roll student” bumper stickers.  I used to laugh at loud at those “my kid beat up your honor roll student” bumper stickers.  Now, I want a bumper sticker, one that reads “my kid is an honor roll student, could kick your kids’ ass, and look gorgeous doing it all.”

Sorry.  I’m done.  Promise.  Oh, and I just got another email that my kid aced another advanced reader quiz.

Sorry.  I’m really done now.



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8 Responses to And Now Award From Our Sponsors

  1. w1nt3l says:

    Don’t be done with that. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your children doing well in school. These days, it’s hard to get them to engage let alone excel at school and anything that keeps them down, well, should be removed. Honor roll is tangible evidence that what you’re doing as a parent at home is helping them be the best they can be at school. I’ve gone through the 504 meetings (daughter scored too high to be eligible) and the IEP meetings (turns out her outbursts were related to her being bored) and the Administration telling me my daughter was having problems that I knew she didn’t have. I became a thorn in their side, a constant reminder that *this* parent wasn’t going away until something was done that actually helped my daughter NOT be bored at school because she was “advanced” in math and “above average” in reading on her PSSA’s (not a fan, another topic all together). The Administration beats down the teachers, the teachers unavoidably take it out on the children that don’t fit the “average” mold making it harder to handle a classroom of 25-ish students. Parents are the only defense a child has and sadly most are not engaged enough to put their phones down to listen long enough to know it is they that have the ultimate power. In my case, I won, the school is now listening and doing what I think my daughter needs to excel and do her best. I’m still a giant pain in the ass with them as complacency is the true enemy. Sorry for the ranting comment of implied support, it’s a subject I’m passionate about. Bottom line, make the binders, be involved with her teacher, help her anyway she needs it, be the parent in education where the school leaves off. It’ll all be worth it in the end and one day, she’ll thank you for it. I thanked my parents for doing the same with me.

    • larva225 says:

      It is all so exhausting, no? I do know my kid has some issues, but much of it is a factor of being younger than most of her peers (which will level out as they all get older), being bored like your own daughter, and having someone that doesn’t completely define her if she has a rotten day – hell, a rotten hour.
      Regardless, thanks for the support and letting me brag a bit.

  2. joey says:

    You deserve to brag. I don’t even care who’s bragging about what with their kid, parents SHOULD brag on their kids, especially in front of them!

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Go Stella! Get two of those stickers and have Stella sign one and slap it on Harpy’s bumper.

  4. desleyjane says:

    Fabulous. Congrats to both of you. 💕

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