Who, What, When, Swear, and Why

Now it’s the little one.  Remember we had a couple of incidents a while back in which Stella was really embracing her potty mouth?  Specifically, she illustrated the depth of her knowledge of the F-bomb, correctly using it in noun and adjective form.  Felix has discovered it as an interjection.

I discovered this yesterday when I picked him up at school.  His teacher said he had had an “interesting day.” It had started with a skirmish with his best friend/worst enemy.  Felix apparently was calling this boy a “stupid bumbo.”  I don’t know what a bumbo is, but it’s definitely stupid.  His teacher sat him down to explain that those were not nice words – we can only assume by context that bumbo is disparaging – and that he needed to choose different words.  He came up with “stupid” something else (I forget what).  His teacher once again tried to elicit a more appropriate verbal selection when Felix became impatient with the whole process and walked off saying “Fuck it.”

Y’all, I was so embarrassed.  I just faced the wall blushing and giggling like a 5th grader in health class on the first day of sex ed.  I mean, with Stella’s infractions, it would be a reasonable explanation that she has heard some of this on the playground at school.  She’s the youngest in her class, and I can tell you from all the hours I’ve spent up there that some of these kids are exposed to media that is not permitted at my house.  But Felix?  That one lands squarely on me and Will.

I really do try to watch the cussing.  I promise.  But sometimes things leak out.  And I’m sure my filter is not as secure when I’m in the comfort and privacy of my own home.  So yeah.  I/we have to own this one.

Maybe it’s a good thing that there are those articles about cussing that frequently make the Facebook rounds – that people who use profanity are smarter or more creative.  Just this morning – before today’s  version of the “fuck it” heard ’round the world – I read one which said that people who cuss are more honest, and the more cussing you do, the more honest you are.

So there you go.  It’s not all bad.  Now I just have to persuade my kids to tell their teachers they heard their neighbor cursing in their front yard.  Maybe they’ll be willing to lie just this once.


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4 Responses to Who, What, When, Swear, and Why

  1. joey says:

    Oh my whole family thanks you for that laugh. OMG, so funny! Sorry, but that’s classic. Fuck it is right. Dumbo maybe? A real dumbo? Bless him. Good luck.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m sorry, but bwahahahahaha!!!

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