Braining the Swamp

I’m stressed out, y’all.  There’s too much going on these days.  My mind is in a constant state of list-making, always planning.  And the venom and bile out there.  The politics.  I just can’t deal with that right now.  Will any of this ever settle down or are we all going to stay pissed off until the end of time?  Isn’t the world tired of arguing yet?



My workplace is about to go through a pretty severe upheaval.  My direct boss is retiring (more on that in a minute), we just got a new boss’s boss.  We will be packing up and moving to another floor in the building yet again – it will be my 6th office in 10 years.  At least the crappy cube walls will look the same.  Continuity and all.  I will eventually get a new direct boss.  I just want to be left alone to do my job.  Silly me.

And I’m planning not one but two damn parties.  I’m not an entertainer.  I’m a wallflower.  This freaks me out.  But my boss deserves something special and it just kind of fell into my lap.  I suck at this.  Kids’ parties I can kind of handle at this point – and gee, Felix’s birthday party is 2 days after my boss’ party.  He’s only turning 4, so his expectations are still pretty low.  He even wants another Lightning McQueen party.   Bingo!  This will be my 3rd.  Hell, I still have napkins left over from last year’s McQueen party and a bulging Pinterest board.   I was getting really nervous for a while when he kept asking for a Beethoven party.  That would have been tougher.  McQueen pinatas are a dime a dozen.  Beethoven pinatas not so much.   But my boss?  It’s an after-hours thing at a bar.  It’s going to be huge – at least 50 people, methinks.  I have young kids.  I don’t go to bars. Gah!

We did have a pretty good weekend.  We had a birthday party Saturday.  Then the kids and I hung outside for a good long while.  I threw the frisbee with Stella until she got it stuck on the roof while Felix made “carbohydrate rosemary soup” for my car.  Don’t ask.  Yesterday was action-packed.  We went to an arboretum and broke their “no picnicking” rule.  Bunch of fascists.  I gave each kid a paper bag so they could collect things to bring home and check out under the microscope.  Felix collected so much I thought the damn bag was going to rupture.  img_9610img_9609

Then we crossed the river to see an art exhibit I wanted to check out – Walter Anderson.  We had an hour to kill before the museum opened, so we just kind of hung out in their “square.”  It was a strange place.  It almost had a Star’s Hollow/Gilmore Girls vibe but without the pretty scenery or diner.  We grilled burgers for dinner and Will’s brother came by.  I love that, as he “gets” to read to Stella before bed.  It was an extremely well-rounded day.

Poseur Star's Hollow had giant gears.  Felix was ecstatic.

Poseur Star’s Hollow had giant gears. Felix was ecstatic.

There’s just always so much to do.  Retirement party, birthday party, oh crap Valentine’s Day and associated school events, trying to get Felix into pre-K (y’all cross fingers and toes for me on that one), teacher appreciation luncheon, summer camp planning, Daisy Scouts (and I’ve volunteered Will to build carpenter bee and butterfly houses and I’m trying to find a volunteer from a dog rescue organization to come talk to the girls).   I gotta find a way to chill out a bit.

Sorry.  This blog was awful.  Guess I just needed a brain dump.  Have a great day!img_9588


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8 Responses to Braining the Swamp

  1. joey says:

    Busy Busy!
    I didn’t think the blog post was awful. I don’t envy you throwing a party. :/ I kinda hope I never throw another party ever. But I have faith in you…and Pinterest.
    We’re going to move into another office in our building, too. I look forward to it, personally, but then, I’ve never done it.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    It never stops when you have kids, does it? Our “off month” became anything but and next month is insane…and Feb should be easier than March. I decided tonight that I’m gonna start telling people “No.”

    I am glad you aren’t on the rope for the Beethoven party, although I have been curious ever since you first posted that about what you were gonna come up with. Maybe you can find a classical version of “Life is a Highway” to class things up 😉

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