Trapper’s Delight

“I’m going to build a Daddy twap because you put me in time out!”  This is my son snarling to Will.  To be fair, Will had only threatened time out.  I had just put his little butt in the chair (for kicking his sister karate-style in the ass – direct hit).  Will asked why he wasn’t building a Mommy twap.  “Because she takes care of me.”  Indeed.  Check mate, Daddy.

It has been a day.  I spent the first few hours obsessively chewing my nails and watching the computer; summer camp registration opened at 9:00, and despite the fact that Will works for the organization behind it, we get no special perks.   Hell, since we’re doing “specialty camps” this year, we don’t even get a teensy discount.  Bitches.  And since much of this occurs online and Will works in IT, he was working.  Have you ever tried to do anything incredibly time-sensitive and convoluted with 2 kids hollering underfoot?  My BP was probably 300/150.  I needed a camp so I could register for camp.  $1200 later, Stella has a home for the summer.  Dear glob.  What the hell am I going to do next year when I’m sorting out two children? (🍷).  I need a damn village.  To be fair, I tried to drum one up, but when every mom you know is stressed/spread thin/ depressed, it’s small wonder volunteers are sparse.  

And we got to have dinner with friends Thursday night.  I say this sadly because I feel sadly about it.  You know how hard it is to make friends as an adult, as a couple, as a family.  Usually there’s at least one party that doesn’t like so-and-so, or is uncomfortable with such-and-such.  It never felt that way with them.  Then they up and moved to Savannah.  Dammit.  Dinner just made me miss them more, and highlight the fact that we don’t have many contenders to replace them. 

Stella grew up with this sweet boy. We used to dream about them going to prom together.

When did anxiously awaiting concert tickets to Social Distortion/Pearl Jam/The Cure/Depeche Mode become waiting to see if your kid gets a week at zoo/swamp/art camp?? When did your close friends drift off into their own lives and families?  Dammit, no one told me how lonely this shit would be.

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5 Responses to Trapper’s Delight

  1. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m glad that you get some perks with Felix, at least, no twap 😉 He’s so cute.

    And ((hugs)).

  2. joey says:

    It does get lonely at times, because everyone’s busy. When my friends and I are able to meet up, every moment feels that much more powerful though.
    I’ve still not sent my littlest ones to sleep-away camp. I never did send Sissy, either. I sent Bubba and he hated it. Moo might actually like it, though…
    Whenever I had to make super important phone calls, I’d take my kids to the park and let them out to play while I watched from the silence of ye olde minivan. I’m totally serious. Once they were school-aged, obviously.

    • larva225 says:

      Ha! I’d be afraid in this day and age of getting arrested for child neglect for watching them from the car. People bitch about “helicopter moms” but society has made it pretty damn hard not to be one.
      She’ll dig the camps – they’re all day camps. No way in hell would I send my 6 yo to sleepaway camp – helicopter mom-ing and all!!

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