Chair of the Dog

The weekend was busy.  After the dust settled from Camp Saturday (Will ended up being at work all day long), I was ready to chew my arm off and get out of the house with the kids.  It’s funny.  I get burnt out being around the kids, but it’s so much worse when you’re trapped at home together.  I think it traps all the damn sound.  By Sunday morning, I was done.  I desperately needed to get myself and the children out of the damn house.  Will was on-call, and received some kind of notification that one of his sites may have been burglarized. 3 damn hours – and at least3 shouting episodes from me – later, we finally left to go to the zoo.  I didn’t care where we went.  As long as it was out.  Can you feel my frustration?

My creativity in coming up with activities for my children was limited to puddles.

I had promised the kids that we would get the inflatable pool out Sunday, as it was finally warm enough to pull it off.  I had said that Stella’s BFF could come over as well.  We lost so much damn time dicking around in the morning that I ended up practically shoving my family through the zoo so we could get home in time to swim.  That was pretty dumb and yet another instance of my trying to bite off a wee bit more than I can chew.    Felix didn’t care.  He somehow found a big chunk of bamboo and convinced his father and me to let him bring it home.  He wanted to swim with it, which was vetoed; we were afraid he’d pop the pool.  Didn’t even matter.  The pool has a leak somewhere, as evidenced by the sagging walls after about 45 minutes.  Dammit.  Need a new pool.  He wanted to take Bamboo to bed last night.  Of course.  Good thing I vetoed that.  At 3:30 AM he was joining me in bed.  I can handle my dude.  I have no use for a giant bamboo stick.

Felix and Bamboo.

This week promises to be just as hectic.  Work – gah.  I’m taking off Friday to ride on a bus with Stella’s class to New Orleans for a field trip.  My mom and stepdad are coming through for their final visit before disappearing again, so will be around through Sunday.  Next weekend is a girl scout leader meeting the first half of Saturday, plus some big festival here in town, and Kite Fest across the river.  Monday I have a ginormous executive-level meeting which I will sprint from in order to grab my kids, dump them home, and head back to New Orleans for Radiohead.

Will grilled out a whole mess of chicken Sunday night, because obviously we didn’t have enough going on. There was a little mishap.

When I was pregnant with Stella, I developed pretty gnarly back pain.  The government-issue chairs in our offices were pretty damn tortuous. I ended up buying some high-backed pleather thing from Office Depot for about $90.  For several years, my chair was pretty damn luxurious, particularly once my work husband bought me an ottoman for my birthday one year so I could put my feet up.  Fast forward 7 years – and 2 pregnancies later – and this chair sucks.  The pleather finish has flaked/is flaking off, leaving black bits of pleathery flakes everywhere.  The arms have the fabric showing through.  I can’t get the seat to raise anymore.  The back is shot, such that even with 4 throw pillows I can’t get comfortable.  Will had promised me a chair for my birthday last year.  We looked a few times, but it seemed like all my favorites were $175 or more and I’m too damn cheap to spend that on a damn desk chair.  I finally broke down and ordered one from Amazon.  It can’t be worse  than this.  Right?  I’m going to need something restful after all of this.

The word of the day appears to be “damn” or any derivative thereof.  Enjoy your damn Monday.



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8 Responses to Chair of the Dog

  1. I will do my damn-dest to enjoy this Monday.

  2. joey says:

    I didn’t enjoy my Monday, but it wasn’t a damned sorta day, either.
    Felix and his bamboo. Hehehehe!
    Trapped sound amplified by trapped energy, that’s what that is! Good to get out! The girls are on spring break and I guess having friends in and out wasn’t enough — Now they WANT to go grocery shopping with Mama, so I guess everyone has their limits! Tomorrow though. Tuesday’s always damned, may as well suck it up and go shopping too 😉

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    Bamboo sticks…do you miss the inflatable donut days?

    I duct-taped my desk chair to keep all the black flakes in place. I showed them.

    My damn Monday involved the girl getting sick. She’s got the flu again too, only she has a different strain from what LM had last week, so I guess he/we will be getting that one.

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