Brag Me With a Spoon

It was a good weekend.  Saturday we crammed in both Earth Day at the zoo as well as an employee and family only visit to our park system’s water park.  I appreciate that immensely, as normally the water park is so blasted crowded that swimming is more like marinating in human soup.  It grosses me out completely.  Earth Day was very nice.  Lots of cool demos and activities for the kids – bird feeder making, games, loads of free seeds and plantings.

Happy Earth Day!

Today was the first day everyone went back where they belonged following Easter and spring break for Stella.  She did a cool art camp last week downtown.  They took her to loads of the exhibits here downtown and she was only 2 blocks from my office.  Still, it’s always a good feeling to get back to normal.

Over spring break, Stella really developed a taste for chapter books.  I guess to a kid, it’s hard to “graduate” from picture books, with their colorful illustrations and often silly characters.  It’s hard to realize that your own brain can concoct its own rainbow and silliness without benefit of your eyes.  I started reading the Junie B. Jones chapter books with her the summer before kindergarten.  When that wasn’t encouraged, I kind of gave up.  Shame on me, that one.

This year, despite the fact that she’s been smoking her AR (accelerated reader) goals, she’s still been languishing in picture book land.  I was starting to worry a bit.  Something happened.  I don’t know what.  She came home 2 days before spring break demanding to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  We did.  She loved it.

Today she went in and took an AR quiz on Diary and got a 90%.  Y’all, its rated a 5.2 level book, as in the material is typical of what a 5th grader in the second month of a school year can read.  My kid is in first grade.    I am beyond proud.  As her mom, I need stuff like this.  I still worry.  I worry about next year, when we don’t have the amazing teacher we’ve been so spoiled with this year.  I worry about summer, at how she’s going to adjust going from different camps week to week.  I still worry about her socially, seeing at how she can still flip out in ways her contemporaries do not.

She’s such a cool kid and a Brainiac to boot.  As with any parent, I can only try to stamp out my fears for her and try to nurture the amazing person I know she is, ever hopeful that her decreasing outbursts and tics won’t define her with other people.  So she’ll forge on with Girl Scouts and maybe piano or martial arts lessons.  I’ll try to set up play dates this summer with new girls.  We’ll keep reading and arting and just Stella-ing in general.  But today?  5.2 BL, y’all.  I’m taking the day off from worrying – or I’ll try to.

Rocking a tiara with her uncle on a tractor. Why not?


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2 Responses to Brag Me With a Spoon

  1. Erika says:

    Go Stella! Those Wimpy kids books are hilarious.

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