Eat, Pink, and Be Merry

Summer continues.  Stella started a new week at camp Monday.  She did great the first 2 weeks of zoo camp.  This week she started something completely new and different.  I was pretty nervous her first day; we had never been to this venue, and chances were the kids would all be strangers to her with a 2 weeks’ head start establishing friendships.  She had some minor issues the first day – speaking in whinese, mostly – but I appreciate the way the staff handled it.  I’m hoping we’re in for smooth sailing the rest of the summer.

I recently started her off in martial arts -taekwondo – at a local park. It’s close enough to walk to if it ever stops raining, and I can even bring the Dude with me to hang out and play while Stella does her thing.  Extracurriculars with the whole ADHD thing are tricky.  It doesn’t help that these activities inevitably and by necessity fall at the end of a day, after a kid has already kept his/her shit together at school/camp and is ready to let it all hang out, not to mention it’s usually a different group of kids, equally spent and behaving less-than-optimally.

Stella has always been a rough-and-tumble physical kid.  I’m not sure she has much aptitude in any specific area, though.  We did one year of dance.  She loved the stage, the costume, the flowers, but candidly she kind of stunk at the actual dancing part.  But at 4 years old, she was little and cute enough to totally pull it off. Sports are out of the question.  If you ask her about sports, she’ll practically start making vomit noises.  She has less than no interest in signing up for a sport – she’s vehemently opposed to them.  As the world’s current expert on Stella, I can also say that I’m not sure she’s cut out to be a team player.  Hell, she comes by that honestly.

She was so happy with her flowers, I could’ve cried.

During my immersion into the world of ADHD literature, I kept seeing that music and martial arts lessons were highly recommended for children in this population – to trigger certain parts of their brains and to increase self-control and regulation.  The park by our house was offering both piano and taekwondo.  I offered both to Stella.  At $22 a month, I was even prepared to let her try both.  It’s summer and we don’t have homework to fool with, so why not, yes?

I honestly figured she’d jump at piano.  She plays the one at Oui Oui’s house (albeit poorly) and has an app on her phone that she tinkers with.  She refused.  No piano.  No way.  Not doing it.  Why?  She might hit a wrong key.  Taekwondo it would be.

She’s had 2 lessons so far.  The first lesson she did so well.  This past lesson she was a bit of a spazz.  She doesn’t really get what she’s doing yet.  I’m going to print some things for Ms. Literal to read, and hopefully that will cement it.  I think if she can wrap her head around that, this may be a really good thing for her – maybe even better than Girl Scouts (not that we’re dropping that).

She’s the only girl in with about 7 boys.  You can tell they don’t necessarily dig having her around.  She’s unfazed.  She’s also about 6″ taller than all but 2.  They better watch out. She’ll be kicking their pipsqueak asses soon enough.  During one sparring session it became evident she has no clue what “low blow” means.  I guess I should explain that to her.  But not around Felix.  He is fixated enough on his penis.

But there’s a problem.  She’s positively incensed that there is no pink  belt.  There’s black, white, yellow, red, purple.  Why not pink, dammit?  She was all up in her sensei’s face about that.  If she continues to work hard, I may buy her the white uniform.  I may “accidentally” wash it with something red.

My little ass-kicker


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11 Responses to Eat, Pink, and Be Merry

  1. joey says:

    Mmm, that’s interesting. Laundry accidents sure can empower a girl… but what will sensai say?

  2. Andrew says:

    Kids absolutely need something to do that functions as an outlet and workout for their brains. My daughter is taking archery and doing quite well, although she’s there with a friend so it’s half serious and half stupid in the paying attention department. I’ve even started shooting with her with my own bow since it’s only $5/person/week and they give you all the instruments needed. I have to hold myself back though since I took several years of archery in college and got quite good, showing her up at something she has liked for more than a few weeks would turn her off from continuing to go each week. I have to keep reminding myself that the mantra now is “everyone wins” instead of how it was when I was growing up as “1 winner, the rest losers, so try harder next time.”

    • larva225 says:

      True (re: the mantra) but I think kids need to know that often there is only 1 winner. Sometimes we need to kick our kids’ asses, not only to show them this, but to make sure they know who’s boss!!!

  3. Erika says:

    $22?! I’m jealous. When Little Man did karate, we had to pay close to $200 upfront for a uniform and unspecified fees, plus had to agree to 4 months at $60 a pop, not including testing and belt fees. It didn’t stick with LM, but he was only 4.

    I hope she enjoys it! I’m betting the sparring sessions between her and Felix will increase 😉

  4. Merbear74 says:

    “I guess I should explain that to her.  But not around Felix.  He is fixated enough on his penis.

  5. Merbear74 says:

    Oops… sorry, damn phone.
    That line made me spurt water out of my mouth. 😂

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