The Hair Tonight

It’s been a combination of lack of time and inspiration – why I haven’t been posting much, that is.  It’s the same old song every summer.  It’s too hot.  We don’t have a travel budget.  My daughter doesn’t do the lack of structure due to lack of school so well.  Granted, we’ve not had any terrible weeks since the debacle of art camp, but still.  I can tell she’s burnt out – that’s she’s weary of keeping her shit together.  So am I, for that matter.  I do my best to make stuff as fun as possible, but after 7-8 weeks, I’m tapped out.  I need a break.  I want to see movies – Wonder Woman, Spider Man.  I want to see something different, something new.  I want to breathe different air.  There just hasn’t been any opportunity, and it’s hard not to be bitter about that sometimes.

I’ve become one of those people who just hates a whole season.  I always shake my head at those who claim to hate Xmas or **shudders** Halloween.  But I trump them all with a hatred for an entire 3 months of the calendar year.  I’d love to get to where I love summer one day.  Maybe we, too, can travel and do fun whimsical things.  Maybe it won’t be a source of major anxiety.  Just not now.

Sorry. Whining done.

Shut up, Mom. No one is listening. Especially Felix.

Let’s see.  What’s been happening.  We’ve entertained a couple of times, which was a nice departure for us.  Both times went very well.  Both kids are taking swimming lessons.  I have no idea if my son is learning anything, as his happen when he’s at playschool and there’s no one to provide feedback.  For all I know, they took our $360 dollars and are just dunking him in the pool long enough for him to get wet and pick up that chlorine smell.  And yes, of course I ask my son about his lessons.  He usually responds with something about machines or minerals.

My job continues to be a job.  I was on the road the other day and saw a rainbow as well as a flock of spoonbills.  They are notable for being the only other pink non-flamingo bird I know of.  It’s a  trip seeing them in the air.  I would have photographed it all but I was driving and stuff.

I did take this picture – just not of a rainbow or spoonbills.

Something occurred to me today: our last full payment to my son’s playschool will be paid in the next day or so.  That’s huge.  That’s like one of those milestones like getting out of diapers or losing your first tooth.  Of course as with anything like that, the money has already been spent a dozen different ways in our  minds: home improvement/repairs, landscaping (so that our yard no longer resembles the Heart of Darkness), a new vehicle for my husband (as his car has less metal in it than one of Felix’s HotWheels cars), TRAVEL.

Sorry.  I was almost whining again.

To send you all forth into the weekend, I leave you glimpses of my first effort as a mother at coloring my daughter’s hair.  We went for “mermaid.”  I did ok, but learned a lot.  Next time will be better.  I wanted to dye the Dude, but he’s feeling very protective of his shaggy head at the moment.  He’s digging the “homeless” look.

Have a good weekend, y’all.  I’ll try to get my shit back together.


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6 Responses to The Hair Tonight

  1. joey says:

    Oh my gosh, I feel the same about summer. I feel in summer like how other people feel about winter. True story.

  2. Erika says:

    I’m also with you on summer. We’re having fun and doing stuff, but it’s still summer.

    I like your attempt at the mermaid look. Baby Girl wants some purple in hers like mine, but we’re going with clip-ins for now. Somehow I doubt she’d sit still, and my husband would probably kill me.

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