Jekyll and Hide

I know, I know.  It’s been said to death: this parenting thing isn’t easy.  Sure, there are cute moments, and wine, and funny stories about poop, and wine, and precious memories, and wine.  But some days, you just don’t wanna do it.  I had one of those days on Saturday.

Y’all, I was bitchy.  For no apparent reason, bitchy.  It was that out of left field just because it was my turn to be bitchy bitchy.  I had zero patience.  None were spared.  I don’t even remember what all we did, and no, it’s not the wine.  I refrained from refreshing myself until at least 7:00 PM, seeing as how I had to take Felix to a birthday party.  I was disgruntled.  I was cross.  I am was burnt out.   I was mean, cantankerous, and pissed off.

And then I was appropriately guilty for being that way.

Sunday, for whatever reason, I woke up a different person.  I was kind, creative, and inspired.  I was patient and good.  The only thing I was missing was a big poofy ballgown, a giant tiara, a magic wand, and a name change to Glinda.  We dyed our hair.  We giggled over Snapchat filters.  We had a tea party.  There was a swimming lesson for Stella.  I don’t think I  yelled at them even once.  Wait.  I lie.  I yelled at them a bit at bedtime because dagnabbit I was watching Game of Thrones.

I definitely like myself better as a mom when I’m the good witch.  I know as parents we have to be the bad witch sometimes.  I just don’t like it when it doesn’t make sense.


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7 Responses to Jekyll and Hide

  1. joey says:

    Moods, man. That’s what that is. And whoa on the days their moods are even worse than ours! Great pics — Sunday looks WONDERFUL! 🙂

  2. Those days are the worst. I often give myself a pat on the back at the end of the days where I can manage to not get cross with my two year old. It’s so hard because she really knows how to push my buttons!

  3. Andrew says:

    Oh man could I relate to this. I’ve had entire weeks where it was just one thing after another that just added fuel to my already overflowing “pissed off” tank. I am never sure what the trigger is, but once down that path, its hard to reset. Obviously memories being what they are, people on the other end remember and love to toss it back in your face that you were an asshole the day (week) prior and it won’t reset for them overnight. Meh, it sucks, but at least for me, not getting time to myself that’s uninterrupted is usually my trigger. Glad you only had one day to deal with.

    • larva225 says:

      What sucks is that after tomorrow, I will not have another uninterrupted interval of alone-time for THREE WEEKS. Yeah, I’m a bit concerned. The assholery will likely be legendary.

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