The Catcher in the Why

Felix came home from school a few months ago singing this song – or a couple of lines from it – over and over again.  We tried everything we could think of to identify it.  I Googled every possible version of the lyrics I could make out.  Nada.  I got a video of it and sent it to his old teachers to see if they had a clue.  Nope.

It starts out pretty clear: We’re crashing in the why.

After that he gets really mush-mouthed.  Other than the “oh-oh-oh-ooooooh” part.

I think he made the whole thing up.  But dammit it’s catchy.  I catch myself whistling it when I’m doing dishes.  Felix gets pretty pissed off about that.  That’s HIS song, and I never get the ohs right.

Do y’all remember that old show Frasier?  There was one silly episode where Daphne had overheard some gross rock band’s song and the whole house was walking around singing the same line over and over: “Flesh is burning, do-do-do-do-do-DO.”  That episode has always stuck with me.  And now my Crashing in the Why is the Crane residence’s Flesh is Burning.

Crashing in the why, y’all.


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2 Responses to The Catcher in the Why

  1. joey says:

    I DO remember that on Frasier, cause that’s one of my favortiest shows.
    I called in the young people and made them listen, and Moo had nothin, but says the Oh oh oh part is familiar. Sassy said it reminded her of Try Anything from Zootopia, but I don’t think that’s close enough. Charming fella, that Felix. We all find it catchy! Maybe he’s also a songwriter 🙂

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