When You Scare Enough To Send the Very Best

We attended our first family Halloween outing Friday night – a “haunted hike” at a local swamp.  Now before you out-of-staters get all freaked out, it’s a well-maintained park which cuts through a wetland.  While it does sport a ton of local wildlife, I’d be willing to wager you won’t find any 16′ gators in there.  In other words, it’s nice and safe.

We do this event every year.  They set up trick or treat stations throughout the trail system, and feature wildlife encounters with creepy critters such as Madagascar hissing roaches, rats, and snakes.  The kids get to don their costumes and bug spray, snag some treats, and get nice and worn out before bed.  For my crew, this event means they will be out past their bedtime.

Have you ever given a bunch of 4-8 year olds flashlights and sent them off on a path in the dark in a swamp?  It’s a swell idea.  My retinas are still blistered.

One issue we have with Halloween around here is that it’s quite likely that for at least some events, you’re going to be damn hot.  Friday night was no exception.  It got to 90 degrees that day, not factoring heat index.  Any parent, especially of male children, will understand that most pre-made costumes are designed for those lovely cool fall evenings such as one would find in the north.  I had bought the Dude a kick-ass Stormtrooper costume at Voldemart, but he would have wilted like baby lettuce had I dragged him through the swamp in that.  I needed a plan B.  I’m becoming pretty good at plan Bs.

Stella was a Peacock Princess, as I was afraid her “real” costume makeup would run off in the heat.

….and introducing Bahama Frankenstein. (Note to self: Buy better green face paint)

Felix became Bahama Frankenstein, sporting a Hawaiian shirt and some green paint.  Done.

The next 2 days were spent in the inflatable pool.  While I can’t be certain, I’m thinking this was the last pool weekend for the year.  The next 2 weekends are jammed full of events, then a beach trip, then a Girl Scout camp out. Oh, and the temperature has actually dropped a bit, mercifully.

Felix getting in one last shot before the pool gets packed up

Finally, I have discovered the Fountain of Youth: highlights.  While I had kind of sort of vowed not to dye my hair, to go gray with grace, that shit was looking bad.  It wasn’t so much the color, but the texture.  I’m a messy hair person.  I do nothing with it beyond washing it, brushing it, and then usually sweeping it up into a messy mom-bun or ponytail.  Well those damn grays had a texture all their own, sticking out at alarming angles.  I’m unbelievably pleased with my silly highlights.  I’m calling it the “Make MyMom Great Again” campaign.  Maybe I can sneak out for a pedicure soon.  Here’s a picture I took while I was in carpool giving some asshole the stinkeye for having giant metal testicles hanging from the back of his truck.

Truck testicles. I mean, really?

Y’all have a good week.


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5 Responses to When You Scare Enough To Send the Very Best

  1. joey says:

    Yes, I went to highlights over the summer as well. That is my new thing. I shall do it as my mother did, until one day the silver hairs are dominant, then I shall rock my silver hair. 🙂
    “Have you ever given a bunch of 4-8 year olds flashlights and sent them off on a path in the dark in a swamp?” YES. Yes, I have. Chemlights, actually. Ages 2-13. And there were gators.I was not a fan.

  2. Merbear74 says:

    Love the kids costumes, your hair and one of my old neighbors had a nutsack hanging on his truck. I saw it every damn day.

  3. Erika says:

    My sister put the nuts on her truck a few years ago. My dad cut them off when she visited.

    I’m digging Bahamas Frankenstein!

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