Load on a Grecian Urn

No, no.  I’m not butchering Keats.  I am reflecting on power.  Often as a mom, wife, and household COO, I feel overwhelmed, powerless.  But that is not so, moms.  That is not so.

We have power – loads of it.  In fact, we all share one super power.  We are super loaders, fillers.  

For example, I am the one who:

  • Loads the dishwasher
  • Fills out permission slips
  • Refills the toilet paper when the cardboard tube hangs empty 
  • Loads the groceries in the car
  • Fills out camp and school applications
  • Loads the washing machine
  • Fills small bellies with the best food I can muster at any given time
  • Refills the soap dispensers when they’re empty
  • Fills the Lego bin with the Legos on the floor before they lodge in someone’s foot
  • Fills in nametags on Xmas and birthday gifts (after loading them into the gift box/bag
  • Fills in the calendar with doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, due dates
  • Fills out the homework sheets and reading logs 
  • Loads the big garbage can so I can roll it to the street
  • Fill lunchboxes everyday x 2

I also work in reverse.  I often:

  • Unload the dishwasher 
  • Unload the washer (while simultaneously filling the dryer)
  • Unload the lunchboxes to make sure nothing spilled/gets funky
  • Unloads groceries that I loaded in the car earlier

See?  That takes power, energy, balancing all the million little details every day, every week.  And that’s all on top of whatever else I/you/we have going on: jobs, marriages, friendships (when there’s time), and maybe even a few precious minutes for me/you/ourselves.  Hell, we would’ve refilled Keats’ stupid urn had we been there, amiright?

So pat yourselves on the back and revel in your power.  I shall try to do the same.

Eye miss nothing


About larva225

Working mom. Is there any other kind? Geologist. Nerd.
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4 Responses to Load on a Grecian Urn

  1. cabertram says:

    You rock, you loader you!

  2. joey says:

    Girl, I know that’s right. I appreciate your Keats reference, too. The ouroboros of housework, eh?
    I will say, some of this is done by kids and husband here, but not as much as I do it, course.
    My husband wrote a check to sport thing for school last night. I can’t tell you when he last wrote a check, but at least I didn’t have to ASK him to do it. lol

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