I must admit I’ve had my head in the sand.  I’ve been avoiding stuff.  Stuff around the house.  Stuff at work.  This stuff.  School stuff.  That’s the root of it all, the school stuff.  I’ve reached that point where it’s become this dull nagging nugget of panic, sadness, rage, and guilt that I’m not dealing with it.

This summer has been great – the best so far as a parent.  I’ve said that already.  It really  hit me that it’s been like a break from dealing with ADHD.  No struggles with homework and teasing, no stressing about if meds wear off and all hell breaks loose. I sent my kids to camp most weeks, the others they were with Oui Oui or myself.  Sure, there was jackassery.   They’re kids.  Kids = jackassery.  But only once all summer (and that was last week) was I approached by a camp person  to tell me about an incident.  Usually teachers on counselors say it like that.  This camp person had a legit beef but managed to convey it respectfully and in a way that didn’t leave me with that sense of panic in my belly wondering “oh shit what if we get kicked out of this camp?”

I got to be a mom and my kids got to be kids.  And that was it.  And that was amazing.  I’m absolutely gutted that it’s over.

We went to a huge fair in Mississippi this past weekend.  My mom is in town to visit and we went up there to see family and stay a while.  It was hot.  It was crowded.  I love the fair.  I hate the fair.  I love the idea of the fair more than the actual experience.  But I’m glad we went.  Stella and I spent most of Monday riding carnival rides.  You wanna know something?  As you get older, ladies, your boobs want to go to the sides on the Tilt-a-Whirl.  It’s like upper-torso lady-spreading.   I had never noticed that before.

On the way home from the fair yesterday, I realized it was time for me to just get on with shit.  After unpacking, I girded  my loins, grabbed both school supply lists, and went to WalMart.

Maybe this is a southern thing, but hands up who hates school supply shopping with a hatred normally reserved for murderous dictators?  The sheer amount of shit you have to buy with the precise nit-picking detail is ridiculous.  I left WalMart with blood boiling, $150 poorer, and still not with everything my kids need.  Thank glob for Amazon, because I’m sorry, I’m not going to Office Depot just to buy 3 large Pink Pearl erasers when I could just as easily have sent up a 5 pack of medium Pink Pearl erasers.  And there was not one orange plastic pocket folder with the brads to be had, so I found something sort of off-red and I’m labeling it “orangish” and it’s going to have to be good.  School supply shopping used to be fun and magical.  Now it’s an expensive blood-pressure-raising, bank account emptying nightmare.  Lunchboxes and backpacks are the only fun parts left.

I still have details to work out. I don’t know who will watch the Dude while I do Girl Scouts.  My amazing friend offered to pick Stella up and then meet me right after so that I don’t have to worry about 2 afternoon carpools (and can I tell you I almost cried that someone offered to help?).  I can’t get anyone at Felix’s new school to talk to me about teacher selection for him, and apparently their brand new guidance counselor hasn’t even started yet so there’s no way a 504 plan will be in place before school starts.   I had asked to meet with Stella’s teachers before the beginning of the year, and I’ve heard nothing.  I have a job and 2 kids (now at 2 different schools) and I can’t do this last-minute bullshit.   I just hate this, y’all.  I want to cry and pummel someone at the same time.

If any of y’all wins the big jackpot and wants to sponsor my kids in private school, PM me, yes?  School starts next week, so there’s still some time….

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7 Responses to Fairwell

  1. joey says:

    Oh girl. Yes. So much yes.
    As for Felix, you need to be open and outspoken and liberal in your negotiation. Stand up in front of the mommies and be bold. Is there something you can barter? Kid-free time, carpool duty, a craft? Can you do gift cards? Does she like wine? Bartering is best, for obvious reasons. People with four kids have bartered damn near everything. There are only so many parents per kid, per activity, per day.

    Also, I leave you with this oldie but goodie. https://jolenemottern.com/2015/07/21/shady-ass-school-supply-lists/

    • larva225 says:

      Yes!!! And I swear your first old list is damn near identical to Stella’s. What do they do with the damn ziplocks?!?! I know kids have snots and are messy, but are teachers using the kids to do some of those “30 days of freezer meals in a bag” whatsits??

      • joey says:

        I do not know.
        I really do not know.
        I have taught kindergarten, which is very baggie heavy. Art, storybook packets, sunscreen, food, soiled breeches, and I got NOTHIN. I never came close to 1500 a year.

  2. Girl… right here with you. It’s all crazy making I tell ya! My two are starting at a new school this yr & I am freaking the F out. We’re going the charter school route and I wish I were feeling awesome about it. I’m just not. Same shit & I still gotta have two IEP meetings and do they qualify or do I need a 504. I am already done..

    Ok, sorry. Enough about me. Solidarity. We can do this. All the best to you and your kiddos as we get this school show going.

    I did just binge read the BEST book. Go and get it now. It’s made for peeps like us with amazing, quirky, complicated, kids with ADHD and stuff. It’s called Differently Wired by Deborah Reber. Ok – I’m off to make lunches….

    • larva225 says:

      Solidarity, indeed! But it SUCKS. I’m trying to go into it all kumbaya and shit but it’s hard and let’s face it: more often than not kumbaya is for unrealistic chumps.
      Thanks for the book referral!! I’ll check it out.

  3. Anxious Mom says:

    I’m glad y’all have had such a good summer! The fair sounds fun, but hot, keep that stuff for fall 😁

    I hope you get in touch with the teachers. We are trying to get an apt with the principal this week to see if they’re gonna step up on the bullying so we know whether to move him.

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