Sock and Roll

We’ve been settling in.  It takes longer than you’d think.  For starters, it’s the logistics of 2 kids in 2 schools on the same schedule.  It’s working for the most part – largely thanks to a wonderful friend of mine who is helping with Stella – but the mornings are pretty rough on Will.  It took months and several reschedulings to get a 504 meeting for Felix, and I still don’t have a signed copy for my records.  I still have to have a formal meeting for Stella.  Have I ever told y’all how much I loathe meetings?

Stella started off a bit rocky.  Third grade is kind of a big damn deal, as the kids start rotating classrooms.  That, and the kids are expected to be more independent with keeping up with their assignments.  That’s pretty terrifying for me, and her grades took a bit of a hit.  They’re coming back up now, but largely because she’s lost all computer privileges during the week.  The kid is obsessed with YouTube.  She would rush through her homework to get at the computer.  She spends hours watching other kids do stuff like play video games.  She doesn’t want to play them herself, mind you, she just wants to watch.   I don’t get it.  But she now can’t watch it during the school week.  She’s like a crackhead, having DTs and letting me know I’m making her life miserable.  Whatever.

I’m almost afraid to type this out, but Felix seems to be doing really well.  Just last week, he came home with a slip of paper saying that because he “maintained excellent behavior all week,” he could wear crazy socks.  That’s kind of a silly reward, but we were extremely proud and excited.  Unfortunately it’s hard to find crazy socks for a dude (girls are easy).  Will gladly went to Walmart and found the most obnoxious things he could find, and I have since ordered some from Amazon for next time – hopefully there will be one. Oh, and the socks match his self-inflicted haircut. Luckily, school pictures were taken less than a week later. Awesome, no?

We’re gearing up for birthday season.  Will’s is tomorrow and Stella’s is coming up (along with other extended family’s birthdays).  I put my foot down and refused to have a party for her this year.  The stress, the money, the lack of RSVPs making me hate the human race….Just not worth it.  She’s made lots of requests for things she wants and things to do, and I think she’ll end up having a great time of it.  I think she’s realizing you can celebrate without a party.

It’s busy.  But so far it’s good.  I’m almost afraid to relax.

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2 Responses to Sock and Roll

  1. joey says:

    I’m glad the logistics are workin out. That was never easy.
    I think my kids always ALWAYS perform poorly in the first few weeks. It’s the ‘getting used to it’ bit. But yeah, keep a limit on the youtube, phew!

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    Self-inflicted haircut, lol!!! Yay for crazy socks!

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