Bell Scurv(y)

I suppose things are settling down, folks are settling in.  We have all survived birthday season, with Stella bringing up the rear a couple of days ago.  I have an 8 year old, y’all.  How the hell did THAT happen?

I’m almost afraid to type this and put it out in the universe, but school seems to be going well.  I’ve only gotten one call that I didn’t ask for when Stella sympathy-puked at school and messed her dress up.  Despite a bit of a rough beginning, Stella’s grades are back up.  Why were they down, you say?  YouTube.  My kid is obsessed with watching other kids play games on YouTube.  So, she would rush through her homework, doing a rather shitty  job, so she could watch YouTube.  And the attitude!  Holy moly, YouTube ought to be renamed YouRude.  She acts like an asshole after watching that stuff.  No matter.  She lost computer privileges during the week.  Problem solved.  Her grades and attitude are much improved, and this is like the best bargaining chip ever.

The Dude is the Dude.  He seems to be doing well, although don’t even get me started on the homework he has to deal with, plus the expectations on such little people.  His grades seem solid, although I have no idea what that’s based on.  But he seems happy and each day brings a new obsession.   Yesterday it was scurvy.  We had to learn all about scurvy and what causes it and what happens when you get it and what is citrus and do pirates really get scurvy.  These things take on lives of their own.

And things are busy.  School, work, homework, Girl Scouts, trying to keep the house from looking like it should be condemned.  Will and I got a date night this past weekend.  We tried a new Asian-fusion place I’d been dying to go to.  The food was ok – showed promise – but the cocktails were something else.  I got something to do with a crane, and it came in a ceramic Buddha.  Buddha had a flower where his butt should be (and where the drink resided) and I drank it thought a hole in his sternum.  A little strange, but it worked.  Will got something called a Samurai Assassin.  It was served in a tiki cup and made a hurricane or Long Island iced tea seem like Kool-Aid.  Regardless, it was nice to go somewhere new.  We’ve been in a bit of a rut.

Anyway, may the second half of your week be quick and painless!

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2 Responses to Bell Scurv(y)

  1. ksbeth says:

    It all happens by magic!

  2. joey says:

    Super cute cabbage-hatted kids 🙂

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