Thank You For Your Nervous

About a week ago, I drafted a post.  It was driven by worry, and the worry was driven by “experts” who were convinced – and were in turn convincing – that we were about to be destroyed by hurricane-driven flooding.  I mean, we were going to GET IT.  So I penned (typed?) a maudlin post about how the rest of the world forgets once these storms pass but to us, the names linger forever and we often sound like we’re talking about the guest list at a bad hipster party no one wants to go to.

Fortunately, the “experts” were wrong for most of us here (and yes, I know others got the snot kicked out of them), and instead of getting 20″ of rain in 36 hours, we only got about 2,” which is roughly the equivalent of a normal Louisiana summer thunderstorm.  Experts, schmexperts. Piss off, I say.

While hunkering down in preparation for our destruction, we did make the most epic box fort. It was twice the size of the couch. The kids spent about 10 minutes in it.

But all that does little to calm the building nerves, nerves which are building because of the looming apparition that is the start of the latest school year.  There are only about 3 weeks left of summer.  The panic is setting in.  We haven’t done any of our mandatory reading (Stella) or assignments (both kids).  I never did get to finish working with the psychologist for Felix, so I guess he’s back in a regular classroom with an unknown entity.  I’ll have to continue to tilt at that windmill.

Did I tell y’all I figured out what my next tattoo will be?  I menacing yet feminine looking sword in black and gray, with a billowing orange ribbon on the hilt for the ADHD.  I feel like I’m often at war because of it.

Stella will be off to 4th grade, but without her guardian angel present.  That wonderful human being moved with her family over the summer.  I’m a nervous wreck about that.  I always knew that if Stella freaked out or otherwise had a really bad day, this person was there to get her somewhere safe for regrouping.  I don’t know any of Stella’s teachers yet, and will they be willing to work a little harder to “get” her? I don’t know how the hell I’m going to manage 2 f’ing simultaneous carpools.  I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to do that this year.

It just makes me so sad and tired, y’all.  I just want to shelve all of this and try to relax and shake off the nerves.  And I guess I can…for a little while.  But I just remembered I still have to inventory uniforms and replace what’s needed in the next few weeks and school supply shop for Stella….Dammit.

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4 Responses to Thank You For Your Nervous

  1. joey says:

    Ugh. Your stress is palpable. You’ll get it all done, you always do.
    School starts Aug 1 here. I swear we’re covertly moving to a year-round schedule. The school robocalls and emails have already begun. I took the girls clothes shopping last night. May again the first weekend in August. School supplies, not so much. 🙂

    • larva225 says:

      What?!?! We start the 8th, and I thought THAT was dumb. I am lucky in one respect: Felix’s school has a deal where their PTO arranges to buy your kid’s supplies for a $5-10 fee. Girl, I’d pay double or even triple not to have to do supply shopping!! So that only leaves Stella’s.

  2. Anxious Mom says:

    I love the fort. I need to start saving my boxes so my kids can do that. Usually they get turned into a pirate ship for a day before being tossed.

    Love that tattoo idea! I hope things go well for y’all with the schools and that Stella gets someone who’ll be in her corner. That makes so much difference.

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