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Jacob’s Bladder (or How To Go With the Flow)

I’ve had a whole bunch going on lately.  Work has been relentless with more travel than usual.  Things with Stella became more complicated this week out of the blue, so we’re trying to process and figure out how to reset … Continue reading

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Blue Suede Choose

This is soul-baring true confession time here, so read to the end before judging.  Those of you that have followed from the beginning know that I had some serious issues when I found out Stella was a girl.  I’ll admit … Continue reading

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Gestate a mile in my shoes…..

For whatever reason, lately I’ve had a lot of questions and comments from people (men and women) about what being pregnant feels like.  (I’ve also had a lot of questions along the lines of “You still haven’t had that thing?!”  … Continue reading

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