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What’s Your Potty Affiliation?

In my realization that my time on maternity leave is actually passing, I figured I needed to revisit the whole potty training thing post-haste.  The other day, I gave up afternoon nap to read that book I had started pre-Felix, … Continue reading

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Little Bo-Bo Peep

In keeping with the “every day is a new discovery” philosophy, Stella has discovered her nipples as well as her daddy’s nipples.  Mine are usually safely covered, so to her knowledge, Mommy is nipple-less.  I’ll cross the how-do-you-explain-nursing-to-a-2-year-old bridge when … Continue reading

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Deep Face Nine

My regulars know we’ve been seeing a speech therapist weekly for a while now.  I usually sit during the sessions and observe, wanting to absorb whatever it is I can but not get in the way.  Her vocab rocks now.  … Continue reading

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