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Handing Me the Ease to the Kingdom

You know that old saying about how sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees?  I’ve had a parental version of that in the last 24 hours.  I suppose I tend to be incredibly detail-oriented.  I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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Chuck In the Middle With You

Last week, something kind of awful happened.  Stella came home bearing 2 birthday party invitations – both to Chuck E. Cheese, both the same weekend.  One Saturday, one Sunday.  Yikes.  That’s a lot of Chuck.  That’s a lot of tempting … Continue reading

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Aches and Rains

So yeah.  Today hasn’t been great.  It started with day 3 of torrential rain.  (And I describe this for those of you far-flung.  Anyone living here knows already, but is too busy sand-bagging to care about reading my stupid blog.). … Continue reading

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You Can’t Handle the Youth!

As with anything else, there are good weeks, and there are bad weeks.  Strike that.  (I am really working on staying positive, therefore am attempting to ban such classifications as “bad.”)  Some weeks are just easier than others. Prior to … Continue reading

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Patchwork Guilt

We had a play date at Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday with some friends of ours.  We hadn’t been in a while and since this was to be a “down” weekend, it seemed like a great idea.  We showed up … Continue reading

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We All Live In a Bellow Submarine

We survived the first week post-Stepford Academy.  I ended up being home most of the time.  Sure.  By the end, I was ready to chew my own tongue off.  However we are all alive if not totally well.  My heart … Continue reading

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