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Waits and Measures

Word is going around my professional world that we lost a colleague and friend today in a most unfortunate accident.  She was 42 – my age.  It is shocking, to put it mildly. I’ve known this woman for about 8 … Continue reading

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Cold Lang Syne

As I recently reported, our household recently lost our fish, Dr. Seuss.  This caused significant anxiety for me in that I had no idea how my daughter would process this loss.  She was surprisingly ok with it, immediately setting her … Continue reading

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When You Fish Upon a Star

We’ve had a loss in our household.  It actually happened several days ago, and I’m just getting around to sharing.  I’ve been battling what’s turned out to be a sinus infection since the end of October.  I finally went to … Continue reading

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Queen of Parts

I guess you could say I’m a worrier.  I’m definitely a planner.  I like to think ahead, to prepare for any contingency.  Parenthood seems to be full of those.  And as with live TV, you know things can change very … Continue reading

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