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Never Let Them See You Threat

The top of my refrigerator: where we keep our cereal, bulk food/paper towel storage, and a penal colony for the toys of misbehaving children.  Do you have a place like that at your house?  Please tell me I’m not alone. … Continue reading

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Fun In the Oven

Lots of parents lament that roles aren’t often fair or equal with respect to kids.  The fathers are the traditional disciplinarians or “bad cops,” whereas the mothers are the gentler nurturers.  On the flip side of that coin, dads get … Continue reading

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Four Doors and Seven Minutes Ago

I’m going to get really honest about something.  It’s embarrassing in a way.  Not the “I peed on myself while pregnant” way, but nevertheless….. Big breath. I don’t know how to discipline my toddler.  I don’t think I’m a total … Continue reading

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Book, Line, and Stinker

I’m probably crazy but I started reading Raising Your Spirited Child the other day.  I say crazy as the idea of me having any time at all to read is patently absurd on its own.  I also am jockeying in … Continue reading

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