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Cold Lang Syne

As I recently reported, our household recently lost our fish, Dr. Seuss.  This caused significant anxiety for me in that I had no idea how my daughter would process this loss.  She was surprisingly ok with it, immediately setting her … Continue reading

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When You Fish Upon a Star

We’ve had a loss in our household.  It actually happened several days ago, and I’m just getting around to sharing.  I’ve been battling what’s turned out to be a sinus infection since the end of October.  I finally went to … Continue reading

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Try Me a River

Like loads of families out there, we’ve been trying hard to transition from the hubbub of 2.5 months of nearly constant holiday activity to the quiet humdrum of January.  We’ve gone from a steady stream of outings and parades and … Continue reading

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Sometimes I find myself in some sort of mental time warp.  I am able to quite clearly remember how I used to view things as a child and how I thought things would be when I “grew up.”  Mothers and … Continue reading

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To Skill a Mockingbird

There have been loads of times where I feel as if my children were born to the wrong mother. Case in point, I can’t carve good pumpkins to save my life. During Halloween, I often feel as if my kids … Continue reading

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The Flower of Suggestion

People have spent lots of time daydreaming about which historical person they’d like to clone or somehow resurrect and bring to the present day.  Some answer quite nobly:  Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa.  Others answer with angst:  Hitler/Stalin/Bin Laden, … Continue reading

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Eat S#$t and Dye

Easter is upon us.  As with Halloween, I’ve always enjoyed dyeing eggs each year, even when I was in college.  It was fun.  Get a group together – often unwillingly – have a few drinks, and dye away.  And again, … Continue reading

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Bristle While You Work

Being ill is never ever a good thing.  Once you have a kid, it gets complicated on top of just being all-around crappy.  Today, I crossed a new threshold:  I felt too sick to stay home.  I’m probably just being … Continue reading

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By the Book

We started reading to Stella in utero.  As soon as I read that she was capable of hearing outside sounds, her daddy would read books to her at night.  It was pretty cute.  He even tried to read a book … Continue reading

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