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Spa’d Goals

You know how sometimes shit just doesn’t go the way you think it will, even if it’s something you’ve done a hundred times? My mother has just had one of those times. Rewind. My mom has been staying with us … Continue reading

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The Highlight Saga: Dye Another Day

In my attempt to regain  more of a sense of self, I will now discuss something other than my children:  my hair.  Utterly riveting, I tell you. This past weekend my hair underwent yet another transformation.  The initial red that … Continue reading

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Blonde Man’s Bluff

The experiment is over. I’m not sure whether not blondes have more fun, but I can say for certain that I did not have more fun as a blonde.  I reached a point where nearly 4 weeks after stripping my … Continue reading

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Dye Hard

About 2 weeks ago, I was exiting the bathroom at the office.  All offices are different, but I think one ubiquitous feature is the presence of fluorescent lighting – a friend to no one.  When coupled with a large mirror, … Continue reading

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Since it’s been a day or two without a poo story, I figured we were overdue. One thing that’s really been mystifying me is the nature of infant poo.  I had absolutely no idea but that shit stains (literally).  The … Continue reading

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