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Ax Me No Questions…

Another Easter is in the books.  As you might expect, it was a long and sometimes long 3 day weekend.  Will kept getting yanked into work, meaning it was pretty much me and the kids for the duration.  What’s worse is … Continue reading

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North, South, Easter, West

By the looks of things, most of us took the long weekend off.  I hope all of you out there had a wonderful holiday and celebrated it however you wished.  Our weekend was pretty busy. Friday was Furniture Day.  This … Continue reading

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Mad Chatter

Holy moly, it’s been busy.  I just realized I haven’t posted in over a week.  What’s been going on? Easter.  It was good.  It was more manageable this year, in that E. Bunny didn’t go way overboard.  Less toys, less … Continue reading

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The Hound of the Basketvilles

Hope everyone out there had a great Easter.  Ours was exceptional.  I’m going to actually use 2 words that most likely have never been used together before (I hope):  it was an Easter orgy.  Never has there been such an … Continue reading

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A-puke-alypse Now

It was Saturday.  It was one of those days when you wake up and within 3 minutes have hit that “parental wall.”  It’s not that the kids were doing anything horrifically obnoxious.  It’s just that I was done.  I was … Continue reading

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Old Yell-er

I’m trying to make the best out of this mandatory time off, treating it like a summer vacation of sorts for Stella.  Yesterday wasn’t bad.  We dyed eggs.  Nope, it’s not easter, but who says you can’t have Technicolor eggs … Continue reading

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Tar(get)-ed and Feathered

As Crispi is about to leave (abandon) us, I’ve been trying like mad to run any errands or make any appointments this week.  One such errand was a trip to Target.  You’re riveted with interest, I know.  I had several … Continue reading

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I’ll take Seasonal Characters for $300, Alex

Recession hits the Easter Bunny (sorry for the profanity) I’ve always enjoyed holidays.  Will and I are not religious at all, but I fully embrace the secular jocularity of certain events (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween).  For years, the Easter Bunny … Continue reading

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