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Income Taxi

I had a glimpse of my future last night.  In my mind’s eye, I was thrust into a future where one of my main purposes in life is that of a child conveyance – to school, to karate, to swimming, … Continue reading

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Dressed Side Story

Getting dressed has become a huge pain in the ass.  As a matter of fact, short of bathing suit shopping, there is very little out there in the “personal care” category that can make me feel worse.  And lucky me, … Continue reading

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Best In Sheaux

I’ve confessed before that one of my guilty pleasures is watching Honey Boo Boo.  I could honestly care less about HBB, but am endlessly fascinated by the dynamics involving the rest of the family.  It’s so disgusting that it’s thrilling … Continue reading

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Clothe Encounters of the Third Kind

Ah, Stella.  Please oh please for the love of glob don’t let her turn into a princess.  While it’s been building for a while, my daughter has definitely reached the point in her development where she feels she is more … Continue reading

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State of the Union: A Dress

Naked time continues to be an issue over here.  It’s a nasty lottery, really.  Most days are fine, in that I don’t have sewage hitting the floor.  But then again, little kids are gross in and of themselves.  Even without … Continue reading

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Beauty Is In the Thighs of the Beholder

On the day after the Oscars, which I didn’t watch and had zero interest in, I found myself reflecting on beauty.  Even if you don’t watch this crap you can’t escape the Facebook and news postings about it.  I had forgotten how … Continue reading

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Sew hot……

It’s almost sci-fi hot around here these days.  No, that’s not a commentary on global warming.  It’s merely a fact, considering it’s Louisiana and August.  When you step outside (and if you’re a nerd), you have visions of “Pitch Black” … Continue reading

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