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Time Meals All Wounds

I have a good friend who has always avowed that she hated feeding her little children.  It’s not because she’s a bitch who wants her kids to starve.  She just hated the mess and the work involved.  I’m starting to … Continue reading

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Like Finding a Noodle In a Haystack…

My mother (Crispi) has been trying a new diet.  Maybe it’s the Paleo diet?  In any case, she’s avoiding lots of carb/wheat products and has been substituting with vegetables wherever possible for pasta and such.  She finally bought one of … Continue reading

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Pleased To Meat You

When is it appropriate to begin introducing the circle of life to a kid?  We watch a whole lot of educational videos and apps around here.  As you would imagine, animals feature prominently in a lot of them.  Old MacDonald, … Continue reading

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The whole world likes to discuss how much pregnant women eat.  I have to concede that I have definitely eaten more while pregnant, although that has mostly referred to how frequently I put something in my face vs. the quantity … Continue reading

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Let me eat cake

On the heels of my last post, it occurred to me that most of what I do in this blog is rant and rave about being pregnant (and my forthcoming delivery).  While I won’t say that this is the most … Continue reading

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