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Cook Before You Leap

One of my guilty pleasures is cooking shows, particularly those of the “reality” genre. Top Chef, Iron Chef (American and Japanese) -it’s all good. But the guiltiest one of all is Gordon Ramsay. I know it’s all bollocks, per se, … Continue reading

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Honey For Nothing

We’ve hit yet another one of those “mixed blessing” moments around the house lately.  According to her occupational therapist, Stella is hyperlexic. Um.  What? My kid reads.  And she’s reading at probably close to – or even surpassing –a 1st … Continue reading

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One Stew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I guess the closer we get to the extraction (one way or another) of our little girl, the more anxious I feel.  This also no doubt contributes to the frequency of my posts.  No matter what I’m doing or discussing, … Continue reading

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