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Ulysses S. Rant

I’ve been seriously disenchanted with my job lately, which is actually unusual.  Part of it is a change of culture; in the past 6 months or so, we’ve lost our next 2 rungs in the ladder making things feel a … Continue reading

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Booger Nights

Some days are just gross. Yesterday was one of those days.  One of the first things I laid eyes on when I went in the kitchen was a big pile of cat puke.  The bastards usually at least leave it … Continue reading

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Little Piss Sunshine

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a work husband.  We have an interesting and always-shifting relationship (platonic, of course) in which he alternates between behaving like an older uncle-type figure and a silly little brother.  He’s a life-long … Continue reading

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Looking At the World Through Gross-Colored Glasses

Felix is fast.  That kid will spy something he wants and grab for it – no hesitation – and he’s scarily accurate for a 10 month old baby.  Generally they just kind of blob around like a little drunk person.  … Continue reading

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Let It Be Bum

We’re having belly button issues around here, or at least the females are.  This is a gross subject, so if you want, turn away.  I won’t be hurt. About 2-3 weeks ago, I reached the ultimate “outie” phase of pregnancy … Continue reading

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There Will Be Blog (and Blood)

I interrupt the regularly-scheduled blog for…..uh, this: While on the way to the beach recently, Will started picking at a rather benign-looking bo-bo on his thigh.  It really was just a run of the mill ingrown hair or something.  Then … Continue reading

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The Outee Limits

I can no longer deny the fact that my belly button is inverting.  I had become hopeful that I would keep my cute little “innee” throughout my pregnancy after I passed those chapters in the books several weeks ago and … Continue reading

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