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Nurse of the Mummy

I haven’t talked about boobs in a long time so I figured I was due.  Yes, I’m still nursing Felix.  I’m not tired of nursing my son, but I am getting really really tired of the pumping. For a while … Continue reading

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To some degree or another, I think it’s safe to say that the second time around the baby block is a bit easier.  You’re not that first-time parent, terrified of everything.  You know that if they bump their head tumbling … Continue reading

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Nurse-Case Scenario

I haven’t talked as much about breastfeeding this time ‘round.  I guess since it’s not my first rodeo at this point, there isn’t as much shock and awe to discuss.  Yes, I know that boobs can shoot streams of milk … Continue reading

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Sane Shit, Different Day

Things feel a bit more serene today, thankfully.  Yesterday, I think the grown ups (and Felix) were suffering from a pretty awful day.  Stella was her normal happy (mostly) self.  No one can say that kid doesn’t roll with the … Continue reading

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