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No Man’s Landfill

My 43rd birthday – yesterday- started at about 4:15 AM with Felix wailing.  His grandfather had given him a dreamcatcher keychain.  It had been Precioused.  In the night, one of the feathers had fallen out.  Disaster.  I wrestled him on … Continue reading

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Things Are Not Always What They Theme

I’ve barely had time to breathe lately, things have been so busy.  I haven’t had time to read blogs much less write many.  Sorry guys!  I promise it’s not that I don’t care.  It’s time for Daisy Scouts again -started … Continue reading

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Les Messérables

Things have felt a bit more unmanageable than usual lately.  Sure, some of it is pre-holiday angst.  What gifts are we getting for whom and can we afford it and when can we order/buy said gifts based on our bank … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Plate-itudes

You know that old saying or mindset which basically suggests we shouldn’t “save” the good stuff for special occasions or company?  I’m beginning to realize more and more there’s something to that. For example, I recently cleaned out our pantry.  … Continue reading

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Landfill of the Free and the Home of the Brave

We’ve become aware of a problem this spring.  Actually, we had an inkling of it before now, but with the zillions of inches of rain1 we’ve had, it’s rubbed our noses in it, so to speak.  Our back yard is a bog.  Sure, … Continue reading

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