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Ulysses S. Rant

I’ve been seriously disenchanted with my job lately, which is actually unusual.  Part of it is a change of culture; in the past 6 months or so, we’ve lost our next 2 rungs in the ladder making things feel a … Continue reading

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Break Rheum

In keeping with my promise to myself to occasionally write of things other than my children, I would like to bitch for a while about a certain population of individuals that torments and terrorizes offices everywhere:  the “I’m sick but … Continue reading

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Ask Snot What the Country Can Do For You

There is this great woman in the town nearby that has a free family farm day every year.  She has a nice spread with tons of animals, which are often used as therapy in nursing homes and such.  Each and … Continue reading

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Whine and a Half Weeks

Day8:  The Weeping Sickness is subsiding, replaced by extreme irritation and malaise.  The adults find ourselves yelling “no” with alarming frequency, typically directed at the 2 year old.  It is estimated that out of every 100 words uttered, a minimum … Continue reading

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