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One Is the Onliest Number?

“No, Stewwa!  Nooooooooo!” That’s the sound I hear just before the true jackassery begins – the chasing around the couch, the screaming, the inevitable injury and associated howling.  This is all very familiar now.  This does not make it any … Continue reading

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Hear and Now

Saturday morning transcript: Stella: “This is a puppy.  You have to marry her and read her this magazine.” Felix: “I’m going to scratch this couch.  Gaaaaaaahh!” Me (to self): What kind of interspecies bullshit is this? Stella (singing off-key to … Continue reading

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Fruit of Armor

We all survived the long weekend.  Fortunately, Oui Oui volunteered to host the kids yesterday afternoon.  Will and I didn’t really do anything.  We should have; there is tons to do around the house/yard.  But we were both just kind … Continue reading

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Things continue to be weird around here.  Of course, when you have kids I guess any/every day is weird.  We’re trying to keep Stella as busy and engaged as possible until she starts her new school.  I figure we will … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Madventure

I’ve been faced with some difficult dilemmas lately, trying to balance 2 kids.  Here are some of them.  Any feedback is welcome.  Perhaps I chose poorly.  Perhaps not: Scenario 1:  Due to the time change, “naked time1” no longer falls … Continue reading

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Good Trip Lollipop

We just got back from a late-birthday trip to Houston brought to you by Crispi.  I’ve attempted to compose a logical, flowing blog in my head, but it just ain’t happening.  Some observations, then: –          Having a spare grown-up in … Continue reading

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