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Breast of Eden

It would seem my household is experiencing a golden age of the boob lately.  While Stella has been into playing dress up for some time (including my brassieres), she has shown a renewed interest lately.  If I put a bra … Continue reading

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Pause For Alarm

Warning:  This is one of those “female” blogs.  Just letting the guys know in case they want to sign out before getting started. For roughly the last 25 months, I have not had a period.  It’s been great.  It’s been … Continue reading

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The Wean in the Willows

I need to rant a while.  Sorry.  Just a warning. We’ve all heard the saying “so and so needs to get off my dick,” implying that someone is crowding the speaker in some capacity or another, whether that be tailgating … Continue reading

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Nurse of the Mummy

I haven’t talked about boobs in a long time so I figured I was due.  Yes, I’m still nursing Felix.  I’m not tired of nursing my son, but I am getting really really tired of the pumping. For a while … Continue reading

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Steroid to Heaven

I’m still trying to kick whatever respiratory germ this is that has taken up semi-permanent residence in my body.  I went to a doc in the box Tuesday.  Understandably, no one wants to give a pregnant or nursing mama anything … Continue reading

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To some degree or another, I think it’s safe to say that the second time around the baby block is a bit easier.  You’re not that first-time parent, terrified of everything.  You know that if they bump their head tumbling … Continue reading

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Things continue to be weird around here.  Of course, when you have kids I guess any/every day is weird.  We’re trying to keep Stella as busy and engaged as possible until she starts her new school.  I figure we will … Continue reading

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Nurse-Case Scenario

I haven’t talked as much about breastfeeding this time ‘round.  I guess since it’s not my first rodeo at this point, there isn’t as much shock and awe to discuss.  Yes, I know that boobs can shoot streams of milk … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Madventure

I’ve been faced with some difficult dilemmas lately, trying to balance 2 kids.  Here are some of them.  Any feedback is welcome.  Perhaps I chose poorly.  Perhaps not: Scenario 1:  Due to the time change, “naked time1” no longer falls … Continue reading

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Crispi and I attempted a field trip with the kids to the mall the other day.  I still get kind of worn out pretty quick, so we figured the mall on a Monday afternoon would be reasonable;  it’s close, it’s … Continue reading

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